Friday, November 5, 2010

A Special Moment In A Day

The morning was grey. Soft rain fell as if a gentle sea mist had payed us a visit. There was not a hint of wind to blow the strongest few leaves that remained on trees. The rain drops collected until they were heavy on stems, November jewels decorating the birds winter feast.
I didn't take an umbrella.

Across the field over the stile, into the lane, then up the road. I scuffed through coppery beech leaves carpeting my path.
I was on a short journey to a certain place that last week a friend of mine had mentioned. She had seen something. A type of something that you don't normally come across in Wiltshire?
I began to wonder whether she had possibly imagined it as I grew near to the area?

I carried on, wanting to find that 'unusual' that something 'different', that 'moment' that can change a day into something special. 
When everyone else was getting on with doing what they do on a Friday. Winding down  for the weekend in the office, getting the groceries  in the local supermarket. taking their child to the dentist.... Here I was hunting for that little bit of magic to turn my day from ordinary to extraordinary.

 Then I reached the place. All was quiet, not  even a dog walker about. Just a plain old field. But a field that held childhood memories of laughter and mushroom picking for me.
 And then I saw them....   


Such beautiful magical creatures!

 They made my day. :-)

Thanks to my friend Lucy for the tip off.  :) x
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  1. Beautiful post! You write so dreamily. What a wonderful discovery. Thank you for sharing. I hope you weekend continues to be filled with beauty and wonder!

  2. Reindeer are so beautiful, my very favourite creatures. What a breathtaking sight that must have been xx

  3. Wow how lovely to see them and the magical journey we all followed you on :)

  4. Ooh! What a WONDERFUL post, Karen! Now that is something to be grateful for, truly. What a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing. C x

  5. Fantastic shot Karen-i had no idea there were reindeer in Wiltshire.

  6. This post made me smile, reindeer are magical.

  7. Lovely to find a bit of magic everyday!Reindeer are amazing creatures,,,,,,,,

  8. Oh MY! That IS worth being out without an umbrella. How magical and special. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. That is just truly amazing! How beautiful and magical. It was as though you passed through the doorway to an enchanted realm. :) Theresa

  10. What a surprise, don't see too many of those in the fields here! I love reindeer, someday I have dreams of going to the Norwegian Arctic and taking a reindeer safari with the herders there...

  11. What wonderful creatures to stumble across!

  12. fantastic picture - so lucky to get them staying still! we have the smaller Roe deer in the woods behind our house (like bambi) but they leep like gazelles and are gone as soon as they smell you so impossible to photograph! In the spring there was a baby lolloping on our front garden, as soon as he saw me he was gone in the early morning mist! Such ancient and mystical creatures I think. xxx

  13. Such a special surprise! I wonder if they'll be there when the snow flies?
    We don't have reindeer here but once I saw a herd of elk (similar cousins) in a field of snow and I pretended they were reindeer!

  14. how wonderful to find reindeer, did any have red noses?

  15. Moments like this transport us to the magic place. And, you were able to capture these wonderful creatures and share them with us!

    Good job...

  16. This sounds like my type of weather, Karen!

    I love rainy, cloudy days!


  17. Oh how wonderful to see them! I love your first photo too of those last few leaves clinging on.

  18. How magical! What a wondrous way to spend a Friday. :)

  19. Getting to see Reindeer up close like that is beautiful.

  20. I followed you almost without breathing along the path and through the wood to that weird naked branches... The last thing I expected to see was reindeers in the field. But, having in mind, that they are not a common sight here, in Bulgaria (only for the hunters, maybe, who know where to find them), it was such a pleasant surprise for me! You are a good teller!:)

  21. Just wonderful. The reindeer and the writing.

  22. such a magical experience, deer are one of my totem animals...I'd love to get as close as you did in order to take photos, I love your posts,
    xx Oonagh

  23. hello! Your creative works is a wonderful emotion for me! Great!
    I'm follow you!

  24. What a wonderful surprise - they are such handsome creatures. I was with you all the way on your quest!


  25. How lovely! I see how carefully you guarded where they were in case we all go storming over to see them! ;) xx

  26. That is extraordinary.

    Mind, however astonishing it is to find a field of reindeer, I'd tire of them before I tired of seeing leaves and twigs as in your first photo.

    I’ve now used all the allotted space for photos at Pictures Just Pictures and have started a new blog so I can carry on. It’s called

    Message in a Milk Bottle

    I’ve given it a different look but its purpose is unchanged - a photo a day.


  27. Fabulous page! Very beautiful photos :)).


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