Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Hares and Thank you's

Outside the sun shines but everything is wet. The garden sparkles with last nights raindrops.
My green house is calling to me, reminding me that I have a large bag of sweet peas ready for planting....
I have been inside finishing these two 'Valentine' inspired Hares.
They will be leaping across to Etsy later.

I can't believe that soon this blog will be 1 years old!
Since starting it, I have been amazed at the number of highly talented wonderful creative people there are living all around us. Whether they draw or paint, sew, knit,write, bake, garden .... it is a delight to open a door into their world and see their latest creations, how they have spent their days and what is inspiring them.
What amazes me even more though is how they can still find the time in a busy day to generously promote other peoples creations.
I would like to say a 'Big Thank you' to anyone that has linked me or taken the time and trouble to mention my work in their blogs. x

Annette has so kindly put my work in her beautiful animal inspired Etsy treasuries on numerous occasions. Please take the time and pop over to her at:
Dragon house of yuen She makes the cutest Arabella rabbit bags.

And Thankyou also, to Danielle at Notes from the Rookery. For featuring me recently in her Etsy treasury. Danielle does the most beautiful watercolours of Rooks, horses and Unicorns. Go and take a look!

Thankyou x


  1. Thankyou Karen for opening the door on YOUR world. I'm always inspired after a visit to you. Happy blog birthday and I hope for many more!x

  2. fabulous hares, glad I was in time to purchase one:)

  3. ...oh how lovely best friend loves hares do I for that matter...your blog is just lovely...I love your has asuch a peace about it...thank you for sharing...

  4. Thank You Karen - I am so touched (my eyes are sparkling a bit here!) after reading your lovely words about me!

    I am very happy that I have had the chance to know you and more about your beautiful work - it has been an inspiration and it is completely my pleasure to place your captivating art in my treasuries!

    kindest regards, Annette

  5. Swept off my feet by your blog. God help you now. I'll be here every day.
    enthusiastic smiles

  6. PS. I think I must have one of these bunnies. Please drop me a note the moment you list them on etsy.

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my little Blog! Glad you like the hare ... now I can see why!! Your work is just beautiful - am going to have a browse.
    Willow xx

  8. Hi Karen,
    Absolutely lovely hares, I have been for a look on etsy but I think I am probably too late to buy one! :-(

  9. Fabulous hares! Congratulations on almost a year. When I need a bunny pick me up, I know I can come here!

  10. And thank you for your beautiful blog that I have to come and visit daily, to see new art or to listen to your music.



  11. Oh Karen, ThankYOU so much! I am really touched that you are so kind and generous about me! Your blog was one of the first I found when I discovered blogging, and has always been an inspiration. I love your work, and am so grateful for the peep into your world!
    here's to another year of beautiful blogs!

  12. Oh I adore hares - i'm off to find your Etsy shop.


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