Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hearts and too much red

It is quiet here.
The sweet twitterings of hedge sparrows and a gentle purr of a ginger cat around my legs, are the only sounds today. Hobbits are back to school and all festive decorations have been safely packed away til next year.
The house seems so bare. I am especially grateful to the odd ray of sunlight that twinkles into our home.

With many layers and my thickest socks and gloves. I ventured out, set up tools and cut a basketful of this and that. As I was finishing my last one it actually started to snow. Quite a magical moment... cutting valentine hearts in the snow. Forgive me for not taking a photograph. Obviously using an electric saw when it begins to snow is not the safest or wisest thing to be doing. I hurried to finish, so no time for a picture.

Now warm inside and painting....
Whoops!...A little bit too much red came out here! :)


  1. That's a delicious looking red snake! "Cutting valentines hearts in the snow" That surely is a wonderful phrase! :)x

  2. I'm working on Valentines as well. Not outside, however. Send some snow our way, we would love it!

  3. Snow?!!
    We haven't had any of that yet :(
    Yes, I managed the 3 columns, but I nearly tore my hair out during the process! I shan't be tinkering again for a while!

  4. Hi there,

    Just found your blog and I have to say I really love your illustrations.


  5. maybe it wasn't really snow but a multitude of winter faeries dancing for joy amongst your hearts.

  6. The snow was so pretty.
    But not enough! Just a dusting.

    I was watching the weather forecast on the news last night and see that Scotland is in for a substantial amount this week.(Lucky things!)

    What a sweet idea about the winter fairies :)

    I am wishing they would return here. Preferably this weekend :)

  7. The rainbow on the wall is wonderful! Red seems to have a mind of it's own doesn't it.

  8. looking forward to seeing your finished creations....I love the snow on your screen how do you do it?

  9. Cutting valentines hearts in the snow.... Sounds like a title of a novel to me. (Bags i get copyright! Lol!!). it's been very quiet here too, such a change from the madness that's been the norm here over the last few weeks, so i know what you mean. I can't believe that it's almost time to think about valentines day! Aaaggh! Good for you though eh? Is there such a thing as too much red for hearts? You learn something new every day! Keep safe and warm and please DON'T send the snow my way...... xXx

  10. I agree, the image of Cutting Valetines in the Snow is something else! There is another painting for you!

    Can't wait to see what these turn into!


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