Monday, January 5, 2009

Cakes, trees, and a recipe for new year

As most people these past few days have probably been doing, I have been taking time to think about the New Year ahead and what I hope or think it will bring.
I've been imagining the idea of the New year a little differently ....

Firstly I thought of it as being a bit like baking a cake....
The basic ingredients being the necessities or everyday things in life. The variety of cake we bake, what we add, or what we decorate it with, are our decision and based on what we have pre planned or have in our cupboard at the time. A cake, (especially one that I've baked) never seems to turn out the same. Sometimes its perfect, other times it sinks and something doesn't turn out quite so well.... Similar to the ups and downs of life.

Then I imagined that The New Year could be a tree....
Bare branched, waiting for new leaves to grow. Each new leaf could be our plans, dreams and hopes. Some might get pruned, eaten by caterpillars whilst others will mature to Autumn and produce fruit on its branch. Some will fall and set a seed for a new tree to grow.

Then, I had a little play about in my sketchbook...

So whatever 2009 has in store for us all...
Let the adventure begin!

Me,I will continue to walk my path and see where it will lead, letting the stars shine on my face whenever I can.

May they shine on you too!


  1. You made me smile - thankyou! What a lovely start to the new year. Apparently it doesn't begin until the 6th when daylight begins to lengthen. (That's my excuse anyway!)x

  2. lovely cakes...well for once my christmas cake wa lovely but I had my fiend holding my hand...but usually my cakes are a disaster so I hope my new year isnt like a cke..a tree suits me better...whether yours is a cake or a tree I hope that it is filled with adventures and happiness.....

  3. Happy New Year to you, I hope you and the hobbits have a good one!

  4. Thank you for sharing your recipe for a new year with us. We seem to be pondering similiar things this day.
    I do wish you a magical year.

  5. Hi Karen, I just found your blog through Danielle Barlow and love it so much that I'm now following. I've seen some of your work on etsy and it's so lovely to see more of it here.
    Thanks for the recipe! Peace and many blessings to you in 2009!

  6. My beautiful print arrived this morning - I LOVE it! (and blogged about it - hope you don't mind)

    How do you get sidebars on both sides of your blog? I've been trying to do it for ages, but can't work out how!

  7. I have just found you from Ruthies Blog and I am so very pleased, what a gorgeous place you have here...I am just putting up my feet, and sipping a cup of hot choc whilst I browse and dream awhile......beautiful
    Hugs Lynn xx

  8. I like this. What a creative way to look at the new year.

  9. Hi, thank you for sahring your work is really beautiful, very poetic and inspiring.

  10. I found your blog through Sea Angels blog. What an amazing wonderland - I feel like I am back in my childhood - like Alice in Wonderland....

  11. What wonderful thoughts on the new year! Wishing you a bright and delightful one!

    (ps, I'm also wondering how you did the beautiful layout!)

  12. I visit your lovely blog from time to time and its such a enchanting place to be....thank you:)
    Have a wonderful week

  13. Thankyou all for the lovely comments x

    I have to admit, the 3 column layout has been achieved with loads of help from my husband. He is much better with computers than I am.

  14. such a perfect recipe to follow, i hope you dont mind i am printing it out & am off to hang it in my studio. may your new year be filled with such ingredients as those. thank you x x

  15. Your New Year's recipe looks good enough to eat (or hang on the wall)! ha ha.

  16. Hello, love your blog and art work. Your new year piece was lovely! I will be a regular on your page! Best of luck to you!

  17. Beautiful isn't it great how we are all so different. I would never have thought of a cake or a tree. I am just too literal. I need the fantastical.




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