Friday, April 12, 2019

What Was Once There Is Now Returned

After posting daily over on Instagram throughout March things have become a little quieter.
I took a couple of days off and spent them in the garden, soaking up the primrose magic.
The painting I was working on is now finished.
                                   'What Was Once There Is Now Returned'
And is now available to buy as a print and a greeting card in the shop.
With Easter just around the corner, it was time to play with the theme of eggs. Well why not? ;) Miniature paintings with gold leaf. These four tiny originals will be available in the shop after 4pm today.
I've matted them ready to pop into 6x4 frames.
Have a good weekend. x


  1. A beautiful painting by you and I like the primrose theme, plus the small egg paintings too. You have a small field of primroses, wow. I always have a few growing in pots and have not seen so many growing together.

    1. Thanks Terra. Yes primroses seem to love it here and just self seed everywhere. :)

  2. As always, your blog post and your art are just lovely!

  3. such beautiful photographs of the priroses and reflects that in your wonderful paintings...magical and beautiful.
    i have primroses in the hill top part of the garden near my old apple trees peeping their pretty heads between the mossy bank and grass. The apple blossom is very close to flowering too~ Blissful time the months of blossoms and primroses ;)

    1. Ah thank you! It is a beautiful time of year. Too nice to stay indoors I always think incase I miss something ;) x


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