Sunday, March 31, 2019

March Meet the Maker Part Four

It's the last day of March and the final instalment of posts for the 'March Meet the Maker Challenge' over on instagram.
Day 26.
Self Care
I’m always thinking about my lists of ‘to do’ or new ideas and rarely switch off as I enjoy what I do. Sometimes though things can get out of balance if you don’t take breaks and recharge. Taking time out is important. Things I like to do are: spending quiet time outside in nature, looking and listening, gardening, feeding and watching the birds, lighting an outdoor fire and sitting beside it. Going for walks, visiting historic sites, day trips, listening to meditative music, writing, burning incense, and soaking in a candle lit bath with the latest book that I’m reading. How do you rebalance? Image is my ‘Be still and listen.The Earth is singing’ that I created in 2012
Day 27.
Anything goes
Today I can choose whatever I want so I thought I would share my little Robin friend who I was lucky to know for two years. For those of you that don’t know the story, he began following me around in 2014 making it clear that he wanted to be friends. I even caught him on the windowsill peeping in. Within a few days he was feeding from my hand. Then most days apart from nesting seasons he would be there waiting for treats and chasing any other robin away. He was a sweet inspiration and can often be seen in my paintings. One of the last times I saw him he let me stroke his red breast. I think he knew he didn’t have long left and was his way of saying thank you and goodbye. I will never forget him.
Day 28. 
When you purchase your items from Moonlight and Hares it will be packaged in a cardboard pip box or board backed envelope. Prints are protected in biodegradable cellophane sleeves that can be dIsposed of on a compost heap, or veg waste box. ( I get mine from @ecocraft ) A little reminder is added in with the print. Cards now mostly get sent naked, although sometimes if they are to go in an envelope rather than a box I will put them into the bio cello sleeves too. I don’t print receipts unless specifically asked for to save on paper and ink. All orders receive a card with a thank you note. I use paper packing tape instead of plastic which is great and soooo much less noisy! 
Day 29.
Most difficult to make. 
I suppose my ‘most difficult’ to make would be wooden hangers. Mote time consuming than difficult though, as they have to be cut out by hand and sanded before I even begin the enjoyable part of painting them. Many folks have asked when I will be making more. And yes I hope to get a batch underway soon. I do love making them but because I love painting pictures as well, it’s trying to strike a balance. I also get asked if I do commissions for them. Sadly the answer to that is no. I made the decision to stop taking commissions a few years back as found I worked so much better without any pressure, worry or commitment on a piece. 
Day 30.
Working on your own can be quite hard sometimes, so I’m grateful for all online support on social media. Your comments and wonderful messages continue to support me. So thank you! Here at home I have support around me in the form of a personal furry assistant. He makes sure I tidy up and never leave anything on the floor as if I do, he will quickly sit on it. He would really like to be chief sorter of the cards on the shelf as occasionally knocks them down with his paws, mainly when I’m concentrating and have forgotten that it was his lunchtime 10 minutes ago. When I’m feeling a bit down he reminds me that it’s time to go out into the garden, to look at the flowers and clouds and to give him a cuddle. Of course I also have support from my wonderful hubby who is also my best friend. He encourages me 24/7 through all ups and downs. And if the printer or computer is playing silly games, he will be there with his tech savvy skills.
Day 31
Product in use/wild
It’s the last day of March Meet the Maker today and I can’t quite believe I’ve managed to do the whole thing!   Thanks for accompanying me along the way, it’s been fun. Here’s a picture of my print Fox Chestnut all framed up. 
 Have a great Sunday and Mother’s Day xx 

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  1. Ever so beautiful your artwork Karen...You can see the love for outdoors and nature and taking in the birds song and the wind in the trees...Mother nature is my healing remedy to take care of my inner soul...A good walk in the wild enjoying the simple pleasures just lifts my spirits everyday. Your artwork always leaves me spell bound. Ive enjoyed your meet the maker moments...(Im kazzyloves on instagram and Country rabbit on my blog ;)


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