Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy with birthdays!

December is always a busy time here, not just Christmas , but we have 5 family members birthdays too!! My smallest hobbits was today, the last one on the list....

The grand age of 11
Where has the time gone?
We had a lovely day and went to the Egg Theatre in Bath to see the Nutcracker.
For any one that wants to see Hattie Naylors adaption of the real darker tale of the Nutcracker it is WONDERFUL! Not overly sweet like the ballet, it tells the tale of what happened before, how the Nutcracker became a Nutcracker as well as the normal land of sweets and sugar. We loved it!
Bath is a convienient 12 minutes on the train, so we were back in good time to decorate the cake that was baked in the early hours last night.
Tonight I think it is early to bed for me!


  1. We have a birthday on the 21st, inconsiderate child or what??!!! hope you all have a lovely time xXx

  2. Have a lovely Christmas..thank you for the pleasure that your blog has given me...by the way..the jumper coat is a combination of wool collected on holiday in Germany two years ago...I am on my third which is in shades of grey and blue..they always get a comment and are so comfy to wear...love you and yours..Helen

  3. Happy Birthday to your littlest Hobbit and a Happy Christmas to you all!

    My beautiful Hare decoration is now hanging in pride of place and the Advent calendar you designed is under my tree, nearly all the doors open now! Both are a true delight, as is your blog.

  4. The Nutcracker sounds amazing! I wish we'd gone there instead of the Bristol Hippodome. We have 5 december birthdays in the family too but I can't complain because one of them is mine! ;)x

  5. Happy Birthday little hobbit lass!

    (my youngest is 12 so I understand about the time passing so fast!)

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  6. Happiest of birthdays lovely hobbit! I hope it was magical and wonderful and full of sweet things!


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