Friday, December 12, 2008

A cause for celebration

This week I'm celebrating....

On Tuesday my youngest hobbit found out that she had passed her grade 2 violin exam! Hurrah!!

Yesterday, it was my Birthday! I had a lovely day and was very spoilt! ;)

And today will be my 50th blog post. Another cause for celebration I think!
So........... it must be time for my first blog giveaway!...

Just leave me a comment, then the first name picked out of the Father Christmas hat on Sunday, will receive this Angel print.


  1. Happy birthday and many congratulations to your little hobbit!

    Reading your blog inspires me as I take my first wobbly steps in learning how to draw and paint. Your most recent painting was so lovely and dreamlike. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Happy Birthaday and conghrats to your youngest.
    Lovely artwork so soft and ethereal. Lindax

  3. Happy always..beautiful wistful art work..I love your name for the little one does he/she have hairy feet?

  4. Happy birthday Karen for yesterday! This is a beautiful painting and I love your music on your playlist, it's so magical!x

  5. hello, hello. Wonderful print. urrmmm congrads on the fab blog. oh and happy birthday. yey for your hobbit passing the violin exam!! wish i could play an instrument. (other than the triangle)

  6. Well done to your clever little hobbit. We share a birthday, mine was yesterday too! Your angel looks serene and beautiful.

  7. happy birthday Karen! and congratualtions to the young violin in tune player!
    love you style, love your work (as you already know!)

  8. happy belated birthday to you Karen! and your oh so beautiful blog and well done to your wee hobbit - such achievement (my wee hobbit is at that beginners stage trumpet - hoping "ouch" will v. soon turn to "aaah" ;-). Your posts & delicious work keep me smiling, thank you *ruthie*

  9. happy belated birthday! love your blog and your music is awesome! congrats the 50th post. looking forward to 50 more.

  10. Oh, congratulations to your littlest one! My middle daughter and I are gamely struggling away with the violin,but grades are a long way off yet!
    Glad you had a good birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday Karen! Congratulations to your little hobbit. The violin is my favourite instrument.
    Beautiful print ~ congratulations on 50 blog posts. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thankyou.

  12. Oh computer froze up...I shall re-write my congratulations & Happy birthday again in case this didn't go through!! LOL

    Computers eh?! Who says they'd ever take over the world...not a chance!

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!

    And Hearty, Hearty Congratulations to your violinist!!

  14. Happy B-day to you...and so happy for your daughter..I love you artwork..Loved the (big)painting,and this little one is just lovely.Have a happy Sunday..

  15. Hi there Moonlight girl !
    Don't know if you've noticed, but I've spend the whole Sunday afternoon with you .. first reading and admiring, then listening, and finally took out my little quilt-pieces and sewed away piecefully.. and listend some more ..
    thank you for that !
    Have a nice evening with your loved-ones, me I will make do with my cats.
    Still room for a guardian Angel though !

  16. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a fabulously celebratory day.

    Beautiful angel, and I've been loving all of your frosty photos.

    Happy winter!


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