Saturday, December 20, 2008

All is looking cosy

I was going to wait to winter solstice on Sunday to traditionally deck the house with a smidgen of greenery. But with uneasy imaginings of me lying on the sofa, having picked up one of the latest bugs or colds that are doing the rounds, I decided it might be best to get on and do things while I felt fine and had the time. So, I have brought in holly and Ivy, bay and mistletoe. Unfortunately the mistletoe is not from my garden. I've been trying to grow it for a number of years without success. I love it! Anyone have any tips. I normally try to grow it on our two apple trees or the hawthorn?

School end of term today. My two hobbits both finished early so we decided to celebrate the beginning of the holidays, by sitting cosy by the twinkling light of our tree and watch 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe.


  1. It all looks perfect.

    Which Lion, Witch and Wardrobe are you watching? I happen to be partial to the old BBC version. There's magic in that one for me.

    Stay warm!

  2. the cottage smallholder blog just wrote about growing mistletoe. couple of days ago.

  3. Your house looks lovely and cozy I remember beng mystified infrance last summer by these huge beautiful balls hanging from all the naked trees...only to find on closer inspection that they were mistletoe..I had never in my 43 years seen it growing before and I was enchanted by seemed to be gracing every tree in sight..including the many many apple orchards that you find in Normandy...a lasting memory of natures beauty.... have a lovely weekend...H

  4. Sounds wonderful! How funny - we did almost exactly the same! My 3 came home from school, plus two extra kids, and I gave them the choice of The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, or Flushed Away ( newly borrowed from a friend) and they chose the latter. But we all sat next to the sparkly tree and watched a film, and ate cinnamon biscuits.

  5. What a perfect start to this special time.
    Solstice greetings to you.x

  6. Pamela... It was the latest film offering of Narnia which I treated us to the other day for £5. I also like the bbc version of it. I don't think the white witch is scary enough in the latest one, but she does look good. I've just got Prince Caspian from the library to watch this evening.

    Jopan..... Thanks for the link to the mistletoe growing advice, I will check it out.

    Danielle.... Cinnamon biscuits! I knew there was something missing here ! :)

    Everyone else... Thanks for your comments and happy winter solstice!

  7. " sitting cosy by the twinkling light of our tree and watch 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe. "

    Ohhh...can I join you? lol...that sounds wonderful :)
    Btw, Prince Caspian is awesome! *winks*

  8. Doesn't it all look lovely, Brightest Blessings to you all xXx

  9. It looks simply wonderful and very inviting.
    My OH has just come down with a bug, I fear that will mean I'll have it right on Christmas!
    I can't grow mistletoe either, I have tried lots of times, sadly, I don't think it grows in Cumbria.
    Happy Winter Solstice.


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