Thursday, October 9, 2008


For Illustration Friday.
Just sketching sat on the doorstep in the sun, and this character sprang to life.
A bit late, but never mind.


  1. Love it! (I'm a big fan of polka-dots so I'm diggin' yer background, too! :))

  2. Great IF entry. I love the expression on the gray rat :) So sinister!

    You've got tons of great posts on your blog.

  3. great illo! love the shadow on the wall :)

  4. a wonderful interpretation of 'sugary', I used to LOVE sugar mice when I was a child.. :)

  5. LOve your header!
    This 'Sugary' picture is great! Trouble is, only yesterday I had to ring pest control for a certain shocking problem...are you psychic?You must be!x

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments!

    Jess- Ha! Who knows, maybe I am abit pschic :) The previous house we lived in I had a dream about it before we had actually got it/seen it ????
    Yes, I know those pest control people! :) :(!!


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