Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost in the midst of mist

Yes, more drawing, cutting and sanding!
Three, dare I say it..Christmas... (ssshh) commissions and orders of Polar bears, magpies, owls, reindeers.......

Inside my head it is foggy. Obscured by clouds of wood dust. And yes, could this be the reason for a somewhat blurry photograph? ;)

Wooden animals are following me into sleep, where I run through misty forests......

But in the garden this morning everything is bright.
Yesterdays raindrops sparkle in the sun, treasures of a fairies jewel box.

Time for a mug of hot chocolate me thinks!... then back to more sanding!.....


  1. I love to escape to the world you create here! Btw I didn't know the picture was blurry, I think my eyes must be blurry too hehe ;)x

  2. Ah, I just had my mug of hot chocolate! Dreams of Christmas are taking place here as well.

  3. Hot chocolate makes everything good, IMHO! (Current favorite: Dagoba brand: Xocolatl (spicy Aztec chocolate)).

  4. Interesting dreams! Hope the hot chocolate helps.

  5. Shhhh, don't say the C word yet! Your garden looks far sunnier than mine - I am feeling rather envious!


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