Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ghosts with wings

Superstition and Magic surround owls like a velvet cloak. Their call on a moonlit night can send chilly shivers up a spine.
There are far too many tales to tell relating them to macabre predictions and witches and wizards. I love to hear all the tales and half forgotton beliefs, but just as a lover of all birds the owl holds a special place in my heart.
I particularly love the barn owl, with its distinctive ghost like appearance, it was described as a bird of death by William Wordsworth, and gave rise to legends of will o the wisp and jack o lantern which both spirited away travellers and children.
With the 'spooky' time of year just around the corner, I decided to make this barn owl hanger......

Adorned with jingly bells and an antique cut glass crystal to make magical rainbows. It will be flying over to Etsy. SOLD

Sadly barn owls are in decline due to loss of habitat. If you would like to help or find out more, then pay a visit to The barn Owl Trust a charity dedicated to conserving barn owls.


  1. Ah! A fellow bird lover, and most of all the owls. Me too! What is it about them? I just love this barn owl hanger, Karen. Just gorgeous.

  2. Just beautiful. The owl is certainly steeped in lore. I love the appearance of the barn owl too!

  3. Another beautiful piece, I love owls too, especially those huge eagle owls. The crystals add a lovely dimension also.

  4. I adore this! I'll be looking out for it on Etsy. Have a great time at the sea-side :)

  5. Your Barn Owl is beautiful. I love to see them fly like ghosts over the fields.


  6. We are blessed with many owls around our house, barred, great horned, and screech. We love to hear them at night, but they give Edward the creeps.

    Lovely owl you fashioned!

  7. I share your love of owls and this one is so handsome. What a lovely way for someone to bring a little magic into their home.


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