Friday, October 31, 2008

Blowing The Cobwebs Away

A few days spent in rainy Penzance staying with my sister, helped to blow away some of the Autumn cobwebs in my mind.
And of course, lots of fun was had with cousins!

Now back home and its Halloween.
Few braved our long dark garden path to the sweet treats that were waiting.


  1. you have so beautiful blog, i love your owls, bunnies and photos too!

  2. Penzance is great isn't it? All that pirate stuff around! Your house looks so lovely, I certainly would have loved to have come down your path, if only for a closer look! We didn't get ANY visitors, even though we live in the middle of Bristol. My daughter went out and came back loaded however!x

  3. Such lovely beach pictures and I love the sign for The Chocolate House. It looks right out of The Brother's Grimm.

    Edward and I certainly would have braved your garden path! It looks most inviting to us.

  4. We are off to Penzance on Friday for a week! I expect it will still be raining :(

  5. Every place should have it's own Chocolate House. :-)


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