Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prints for sale on Etsy!

I've finally got around to putting some prints for sale on Etsy. Something I've been meaning to do for a wee while.

Its been a bit of a frustrating last week, not being able to settle finishing things off as fast as I would have liked. We have had workmen in and out, fitting us a new central heating system. It still isn't finished and the Electrician is coming back on Tuesday. (Groan) Still, must not grumble, hopefully we will be all snug and cosy this winter.

In between interruptions, the wooden creatures have gradually been coming to life.

Some of these will also be finding their way over to Etsy very shortly.


  1. Love the wooden animals.
    Also, I've been meaning to tell you, your playlist is wonderful. Sometimes when I'm working at my desk, I come to your site and just let it play. Lovely.

  2. These are looking lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished ones :)

  3. The music and the photographs blend beautifully together. I love those wooden creatures.

  4. These are beautiful Karen. They put me in mind of Christmas!
    Enjoy your new cosiness! It's getting on for that time of year isn't it? Eek!

  5. Your little creatures are lovely. What a cute wreath they'd make or garland or, okay maybe I need to go play the coffee has kicked in! Love your site and your playlist.


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