Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Day Three Years Ago

On this day three years ago life changed here forever.
 Mother,Wife, Nanny, my Mum, left this life and moved on.

Time has passed so quickly, but it only seems like yesterday sometimes.
On darker days I think of all the little things which have happened  that she has missed, but know that she would have liked to know...

"Your grandson is taller than you were now.
Your grand daughter 'little butterfly' as you used to call her, has started secondary school.
They have both passed piano and violin exams.
We have chickens.
Louie passed away and we have two new Cats.
The Vicar of Dibley got married.
Pavarotti died.
There is to be a follow on, to the Phantom of the Opera.
We got to be on the TV.
I got a blog."

Other days I feel she knows all these things anyway.
I love the song sung by Hayley Westenra. from the film The New World.
If you keep the music playing on my blog, then you have probably heard it already.(If not, I have moved the track to the first song that plays.) Whenever I hear the words I always think that these would be Mum's words....

Listen to the Wind

Time is a river that flows endlessly
And a life is a whisper, a kiss in a dream

Shadows dance behind the firelight
And all the spirits of the night remind us:
We are not alone

Tomorrow: a sun soon rising
And yesterday is there beside us
And it's never far away

If you listen to the wind you can hear me again
Even when I'm gone you can still hear the song
High up in the trees as it moves through the leaves
Listen to the wind, there's no end to my...

Love is forever a circle unbroken
The seasons keep changing; it always remains

Spring will melt the snows of winter
And the summer gives us days of light
So long till autumn makes them fade

Remember the sound of laughter
We ran together through the meadows
Still we thought our hearts could break

If you listen to the wind, you can hear me again
Even when I'm gone you can still hear the song
High up in the trees as it moves through the leaves
Listen to the wind and I'll send you my love

Listen to the wind where the sky meets the land
I'm not really gone I've been here all along
High up in the trees in the sound of the leaves
Listen to the wind there's no end to my...

Time is a river that flows to the sea
And a life is a whisper, a kiss in a dream.

I'm sure Mum would have got a blog of her own. She used to love letter writing and poetry  and verse and had many pen pals over the years. Blogging would have suited her perfectly.
 I would like to share this poem that she wrote which is appropriate on such a stormy night.

The Gipsy In My Soul

When all around me are fast asleep
And moonlight through my window creeps
Like an echo in my head
I feel it calls me from my bed

To the window opened wide
To stand and gaze at all outside.
"Come outside" It seems to say..
"Come out in the milky way!"

When all around are fast asleep
And rain upon my window beats 
Though pillows soft around my head
It seems to draw me from my bed
To the window fastened tight
To stand and gaze into the night.
It calls me to its dark embrace
"Come let the raindrops wash your face"

When all around are fast asleep
And gales blow strong and windows creak
Though chilled the night and earth is cold
I feel a stirring in my soul
To run, to climb the highest peak
To feel the grass beneath bare feet!
To stretch my arms, to drink the air
To feel the wind blow through my hair.

No sleep for me, no peaceful night
Till feelings fade with soft daylight
Why is it that I feel this way?
Do I descend from men of night, not day?
A highway man who rode the hills and lanes?
Who's spirit still lives on within my veins?
Do I relive his longing to unroll?
Or is it just the Gipsy in my soul?

Margaret Davis
1937 -2006

I will listen to the wind Mum and will keep watching for shooting stars.


  1. What an absolutely lovely and moving tribute to your mother. Thank you so very much for sharing something so personal and impacting. The poem your mother wrote was simply gorgeous. Again, thank you for sharing your mom's life with us. Theresa

  2. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face.... its such a lovely tribute to your gorgeous Mum and I love the song and poem..... It feels even more poignant as I have just lost my Mum and I am preparing for her funeral which is to be on November 28th.. I am feeling her loss so much and the pain at times is hard to bear, but know that time will heal and I just have to let nature take its course..... and I too will listen to the wind and watch the stars... Love Jane xxxxx

  3. Through her poem I can tell that she and I were cut from the same cloth. How wonderful to have a mother with such a spirit! You were blessed. I know you must miss her terribly. I lost my father two years ago next week. It's hard, I know.

    She was also a gorgeous creature, as that photograph clearly shows.

  4. Your Mom's poem eloquently shows how she was a woman of great depth and feeling. Your tribute to her is very beautiful.

  5. Such a lovely tribute to your mum, the words of both the song and the poem are beautiful. I am in my 60s and my mum died almost 11 years ago, I still miss her and think of her often but I've always felt that she is still with me. Do you know these lines? They have always helped me enormously and will be read at my own funeral:

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep
    I am a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the diamond glint on snow,
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
    I am the gentle autumn rain,
    When you wake in the morning hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight,
    I am the soft stars that shine at night
    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there - I do not sleep.

  6. Very moving and a lovely tribute.

  7. Such a moving tribute, Karen, to your Mum. I'm sure she's still moving with you just on the other side of `here'. Her poem speaks so much and I feel her spirit remains brilliantly vibrant. Love.x

  8. A very beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady - on this blog by 'pebbledash' the blogger is also going through the same today. Your mother's poetry is equisite. X

  9. Your mother sounds lovely and , like you , I feel that these mothers haven't gone completely , as long as we're still here . Mine , like yours , knows what's being happening . A great-grandson is much too good to miss !

  10. This is so moving and beautiful. I'm typing this w/ tears in my mother passed this past April. I've lost both my parents in the space of six years...that song is so haunting and lovely. It encompassed perfectly everything I've been feeling these last months. I do feel my parents are both with the wind and the leaves and the sun and flowers...
    Your mothers' poem was wonderful; such a gift to have. What gorgeous words and images she wove...What a beautiful spirit she had.
    Heartfelt blessings and thoughts to you...

  11. A wonderful post and tribute to your mum. That's a beautiful poem, moved me to tears. Love and hugs from Jess xx

  12. Your thoughts are so lifting especially to one also touched by loss. Thank you Karen, for sharing!

  13. A beautiful song and a beautiful poem. I am sure this post has helped many people who have lost a loved one x

  14. Wow, what a moving and beautiful post, my eyes are brimming too, and making it hard to type. Your Mum would be proud of your tribute.

    There's a little something on my blog for you, when you feel up to visiting.


  15. Your mother certainly had a poet's spirit. Thank you for sharing with us.

  16. Very sweet, Karen!

    I'm certain your 'mum' would be very, very proud of you and all that you've done.


  17. What a beautiful song! I will look for it online-thank you! Your mother was quite beautiful, as I can tell from her picture, and also from the words she wrote...beautiful inside as well as out.

  18. I feel your love for your mom so strong. Your mom's poem is beautiful it touched the gypsy in my heart, too.

  19. What a gorgeous poem, so evocative and so full of longing too.

    I lost my mum in 2003 so I know what it is to be without her physical presence even if she is still around in my memories and the things she wrote.

    I would love to have read your mother's blog - especially with poetry like that on it. But there it is... death comes on tiptoes and takes us by surprise, whether we will go or not.

  20. Thank you all for your kind and heartfelt comments.

  21. I have tears in my eyes reading this ... thank you for sharing such personal thoughts. Your mum's poem is beautiful and I love the words of the Hayley Westenra song.

    Like many of your other commenters I too have lost both parents - my mum when I was only 21 and my dad five years ago.

    This is such a wonderful tribute to your mum Karen - keep watching for those shooting stars ...


  22. karen, just 8 days ago was the sixth anniversary of my lovely dad passing , so i really do feel empathy with you right now, especially when i think of all the things he has missed as well...sometimes i feel cheated that he didnt have longer with us, he died just a week after his 67th birthday, and i wasnt ready to lose him then.

    your mums poem is so beautiful, she must have been a lovely lady i think

    blessings to you. leanne x

  23. wow, karen , that is a truly moving & beautiful post, a wonderful way to remember your mother. Her poem speaks volumes to me, you must miss her very much. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be when the one you want to share all those precious little things with, is with you no longer. thank you for sharing, blessings to you x x

  24. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post .

  25. Rowan...
    Thank you! Yes I am familiar with that poem and love the words x

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  27. I loved reading your tribute to your mom. I had not heard that song before, and it truly touched me. Thank you so much for sharing your mom with us.

  28. Blessings for a peaceful heart as you keep the treasures of your mom's memories close.
    bunny hugs,


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