Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sea Creatures And November Skies

I am a magnet. Drawn to tales that in the olden days were told around drift wood fires on starry nights. Passed down through time, travellers tales of strange beasts, mythical creatures, the loch ness monster, bigfoot. Legends of sailors encountering mermaids, selkies and sea monsters.
What it is that attracts me, I cannot say for sure?The unknown? Maybe just the romance of a tale embroidered into something that is missing in our world today. The picture maker in me, or the magic of a 'something more' which I feel exists?
Human beings like to be in control and think they have all the answers, but very often they are wrong. Giant creatures big enough to eat a sailing ship were scoffed at as exaggerations and the tallest of stories. Until the other day that is, when my ears homed in on a story on the news. ...

The fossil of a Giant sea monster found on the Dorset coast at Charmouth, with a steel strong jaw large enough to bite a car in half or eat a T rex for breakfast. You can read more about it here and here..... Amazing!
Maybe long ago sailors caught a glimpse of something similar left, forgotton about, in the depths of the briny sea. Maybe there are still others?.......

I've been creating my own sea creature related hangers......

Magical narwhals.....

And a few other bits and bobs.....

All to be listed in the Etsy shop very shortly.

November here has been what I imagine November to be. Misty, damp grey days smelling of sweet leaves and woodsmoke. Quiet but the sound of the noisy rooks that inhabit the big trees nearby. Darkness comes early and the smell and smokiness of fireworks mix with the recipe of November.
Guy fawkes night, we went to a local bonfire display.....

And gazed up into the skies....

our attention focused for 20 minutes, on just glittery explosions...


  1. Magical tales are just the thing for dark winter evenings ... thank you for those links, such amazing stories.
    I like the sea-creature hangers -they are really unusual and the narwhals are lovely.
    This November has been so damp - I long now for cold, crisp December (?)days!!


  2. Your hangers are beautiful! This time of year always feel magical to me, too!
    Have a lovely week!

  3. We need a little magic at times - where's the fun and excitement if you know everything?!
    Thanks for sharing the story of the sea creature. Your hangings and hearts, as ever, are just wonderful.

  4. Love your fireworks photos, they are really good. I think sitting round a fire listening to stories of magical things is a deeply ingrained human trait. As for thinking we know everything - on the whole the human race has very exaggerated view of its own importance and intelligence I'm afraid.

  5. Love your fireworks photos, they are really good. I think sitting round a fire listening to stories of magical things is a deeply ingrained human trait. As for thinking we know everything - on the whole the human race has very exaggerated view of its own importance and intelligence I'm afraid.

  6. Magical fireworks and magical creatures. I often like to think of the dinosaurs that used to roam the otherworldly landscape of the Isle of Skye.

  7. Oh my, it is always such a pleasure to visit your blog...visiting always takes me to another place. I do so love your hangers and may have to treat myself one day very soon - I am smitten with owls and yours are pure magic!

  8. Yep you're a woman after my own heart Karen :) There is just something that catches your imagination about things like that isn't there?
    You know, the news programes would be far more interesting if they filled their time talking about tales of giant sea monster fossils instead of wars & violence.

    Must be why I would prefer reading your blog over watching tv anyday!! *grins*

    I adore your magical hangers...they are so beautiful!!

  9. So beautiful - the art and photos both!

  10. Thank you so much for posting that story about the monster... I love things like that. They're so interesting! And I just adore your pieces... Such lovely art, as always. For some reason I have a thing for narwhals :)

  11. What a beautiful and enchanting post! And the photos are just gorgeous. I so adore your hangers - my little white fox watches over us daily as we move from room to room. I will definitely keep watch on your etsy shop for these lovely treasures. :) Theresa

  12. Beautiful hangers! I love the idea of thinkg of past stories that surround these creatures and the mysteris they remind us of. There is just something mystical about your hangers!

  13. I love the stories of old about sea monsters - the sea is very deep, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there were still one or two roaming the vast seas.

    Love your work: really very beautiful ... :0)

  14. There is always beauty,inspiration and such masgic here! And I think we both have a passion for hares. Such enigmatic and wondrous beings:)

    Your hangings are gorgeous and so unique, I love the barn owl one :))
    Thank you for sharing such enchantments.
    Warmest Wishes

  15. Great wisdom comes from the sea and, right now, you have me dreaming of these beautiful creatures, Karen. As always, such an enchanting post and such magical work! Sending you bright wishes to light up these cold, dark days. xx

  16. Beautiful photos, Karen. And I LOVE your gorgeous sea creatures!

    Damp and grey here too.

    C x

  17. Beautiful as always, especially those eyes that sparkle with life.

  18. I love visiting your blog, it makes me feel peaceful and cosy on this windy rainy day. Thanks for your visit and comment, I do hope you're feeling better. :)xx

  19. I'm so happy to have found your blog, your illustration works are brilliant! They all send out such serene magical vibes :)

  20. Cottage garden...
    I'm looking forward to those cold crisp days too ;)

    Thankyou both :)

    Very true ,life would be dull without mystery and magic.

    Its the first time I've ever really tried to take photo's of fireworks. I have always assumed they wouldn't do the fireworks justice? But I am pleased with them too :)

    Yes, I often imagine what once was roaming around here. My husband found a huge fossilized ammonite when he was working in Bath years ago.

    Thank you :) x

    I try not to watch the news as it is so filled with things that make you feel down and I too don't watch hardly any tv either, just films mainly. I think they should broadcast Good news!

    Thanks :)

    Miss Elena Eous..
    Narwhals are very special aren't they. :)

    I'm so glad the fox went to such a good home :) xx

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go to places to hear stories sat around fires, a glass of mulled wine in hand :)

    I am always amazed when I read about how deep parts of the Ocean are, and the lochs of Scotland.

    Thank you and welcome :) x

    I hope your dreaming leads to a wonderful story :) x

    Its allowed to be grey in November isn't it though ;) x

    Acorn moon..
    Thank you :)

    Thanks, I'm feeling better. Hope your headache has gone too? x

    Translucentblue ...
    Thank you and welcome!

  21. the flying owl is stunning :-)
    I looked on your etsy shop has it sold already?

  22. Hi Alison
    Yes, the owl sold just after I listed it.
    I will be making more owls some time soon though :)

  23. what beautiful sea creature hangers you're making, lovely...

  24. Karen!

    Hooray for Guy Fawkes Day!

    Those photos are awesome! How in the world did you capture fireworks so well!

    Just stunning!



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