Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do Butterflies Like Pomegranates?

October has said its goodbyes for another year in a beautiful blustery flurry of wood scented leaves.
Tommorow the children are back to school and the house will be so quiet again.
This half term sped by much too quickly. We didn't get out as much as we had hoped we would. There have been sniffs, snuffles and everyone apart from me has a cough that resembles a barking seal. We have also been waiting in for the arrival of this...

All set up thankfully now and much cosier.
Sorting out the wood pile I disturbed this sleepy peacock, ready for winter.

I safely relocated it up onto one of the beams in the shed and it settled back down .
This beauty (painted lady) was still flying around the garden, making the most of the warm Autumn sun.

I wonder if butterflies like pomegranates?.....

I do...

Some things we have enjoyed this past week....
Popcorn, girly shopping, pumpkin soup, films, skies, sherbert lemons, candles, cinema, treacle tart, outside in the moonlight, fires, baking cake, pumpkin carving, reading and noticing more ladybirds.

Jasper has been noticing things too. For instance, how the flying creatures visit this exact spot regularly, and how much better the water tastes here....

You've probably gathered by now that minimal creative making was going on here last week. But, I did get to do a little more of a painting that I've had on the go since spring. Its a strange feeling as I'm finding it really hard to get stuck into this one. This is very unusual for me, as normally I have to stick with something and finish it as quickly as possible.
This picture has loads more to be done yet, so I'll just keep plodding and who knows I might finish it by next spring? ;)

I hope you all had a good All Hallows Eve yesterday, however way you chose to celebrate :)
See you soon x


  1. What BEAUTIFUL butterflies!!! Especially the first one - I'm so happy you freed it and she shall live to fly yet another day! We haven't seen that many ladybugs here - I did notice one in the house last week, but then I lost track of her. I do so love the chilly days...curling up under snug blankets, settling in before a roaring fire, feasting on delicious hot soups - we shall be dining on pumpkin soup quite shortly (we had curried carrot soup the other evening).
    Your new painting is looking quite lovely - I cannot wait to see the finished product.
    Happy November to you! Theresa

  2. Spent the week working Karen..scrapping illustrations that I had almost finished and started a new children's story. Gotta keep em rolling. Made pumpkin tartlets and from the excess mixture made muffins minus the butter! They were simply wonderful!
    Loving all your illos...your new painting is going to be a gem.
    All the best

  3. That's a gorgeous painting, I wonder why it's taking it's time? I have one that's dragging along too, so I guess sometimes it happens to us all at some point!

    Love the butterflies, they're lovely :)

  4. Lovely photos... I've very sad to say goodbye to October... but happy to welcome the cooler, cozy holidays!

  5. Such a lovely painting you have in the works. No doubt all the delights you experienced this past week...from the pumpkin soup and treacle tart, to the moonlight and the fires.. will all serve to feed your imagination well.

    And those butterflies are pure poetry!

  6. Theresa...
    I also love the snug chilly days and evenings in front of the fire and soup is one of my favourite foods :)
    Happy November to you too! x

    You sounded as though you had a really busy week! Compared to my relaxing one ;)
    Good luck with the new story x

    I think its because I changed my mind about it and decided it was just not a spring painting and had to be Autumn. It felt right :) x

    Miss Elena.Eous
    I too love October but am now looking forward to the mistiness of November x

    Thank you x
    I hope so too, that my imagination has been nourished :)

  7. Such a lovely post! I've seen few butterflies but moths and lady bugs are still with us. The painting is amazing.

  8. I found a beautiful butterfly in our bathroom yesterday, It wasn't happy that I had a shower & made everywhere steamy so it went back out the window! lol

    Pomegranates...nomnomnom! I love them!:)

    And I love your painting already :)Sometimes the best ones need time to mature I cheese!:) hehe

  9. I love the way your latest painting is coming to `be', Karen. Some creative works take longer to manifest but I'm sure this will be worth waiting for. I always feel a sense of connection reading your posts. Incidentally, I've just started drinking pomegranate juice. Delicious! Much love & light. xx

  10. Your garden is such a nature reserve. I bet you get loads of inspiration from it. The butterfly photos's are beautiful. I wonder what other bugs and creatures you have seeking refuge.

  11. Beautiful pictures Karen! The half term has flown by for us too, even though they had a week and a half this time. I can't believe it's Novemember already!xx

  12. Congratulations on the arrival of your woodburner - something I'm also currently getting used to and enjoying greatly, timely too. I think butterflies would like pomegranates for their squelchy fussiness and the aesthetic originality of such a sumptious fruity feast!

  13. I adore Painted Lady butterflies. We've raised many of them from beginning to flight. There's something magical about watching them morph and then letting them go into your own garden.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous week. I always feel just a wee bit green with envy when I see the beautiful area that you live in. For me....I'm stuck in the dry and hot desert of Southern California.

    Gerushia's New World

  14. There is nothing as cheerful as a glowing fire is there?

    It is always lovely to see your paintings in the making, especially when you are in one of your "blue" moods, or should I say hues?

  15. Beautiful pictures !
    And the painting is going to be wonderful.

  16. Karen!

    Those butterflies look gorgeous! I'd love to paint them!

    The newest painting looks like it's off to a great start! Can't wait to see the finished product!


  17. Sounds much like our half term too! Hope everyone is feeling better.

    Warm and cosy blessings to you! And what a gorgeous painting!
    Though I do understand that stuck feeling. I've just restarted something I left aside last May! But there's something about the fire that inspires!

  18. oh i love the autumn-y post!
    and the painting draws it all together ♥
    so lovely! xoxo

  19. Well it sounds like you fed your creative soul despite the colds. I believe butterflies and painted ladies and autumn sun are wonderful for our souls. I would have loved to have seen that painted lady up close! I think the painting is coming along nicely.

  20. That wood burning stove looks so warm and cozy and all the things you've been doing sound good too. I haven't had a pomegranite for years, I must buy some, your photo reminds me how beautiful and tasty they are.
    I really like the painting so far - she looks like the personification of November.

  21. Very beautiful post Karen!;)
    I wish I had a wood burner, they look so cosy and warm. I bet they give off a lot of heat too.
    The butterfly photos are really striking and so is your lady painting. She looks very dreamy and mystical with the soft blues.
    Thank you for your message I will be in touch soon with some photos for you!;)
    Best wishes. Jo.xx


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