Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sting - If On A Winter's Night

I'm going to treat myself to this sometime this week.
A good on to sit by the fire and listen to with a mug of hot spiced wine....


  1. I've been enjoying this CD...very tranquil and traditional. His musical journey has taken a very interesting path - one that I've quite liked. :) Hope you are well! Theresa

  2. Oh good golly YES! Thank you for sharing this it is soooo my kind of music. I've bought many of his albums and his style has suited me through different stages of my life and this one is exactly where I'm at now. I'm rushing out to buy it :)

    ps. wasn't his dog lovely, scampering around in the snow :)

  3. This CD is on my Christmas Wish List, so I hope to be listening to it in about 6 weeks time!

  4. I can't wait to get it myself!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I want to get this, winter is my birth season and I special place for it in my heart.

  6. This time of year I always feel is 'mine' as my birthday is at the end of the year. This December I have a biggy coming up so it feels particularly profound. Thankyou for sharing this with us, I hope you have a lovely cosy time.xx

  7. Don't you just love Sting? He gets better and better.

  8. I'm such a weak person! I bought this today and I can't wait to play it. I'm waiting for a quiet moment alone :)

  9. me to!
    My wonderful owl and angel cards arrived safely and they are stunning:-)
    thank you so much,
    Take care,

  10. Lovely tune ... :0)

  11. Theresa... Thanks, I am well, except for a cough and cold I have picked up.
    I really enjoyed the previous album with medieval music,played on a lute.

    I feel the same :) Winter is also my time, with a b'day in December.

    You've bought it already! haha :)....So, whats it like!?

    Ally Coll..
    Glad you liked your things :)

  12. Very nice! The fire sounds good too.

  13. I look forward to getting this CD. Lovely.
    bunny hugs,

  14. This seems rather good, lots of folk-y sounds which I like and the video had some wonderful visual images. I, too, may be adding this to my collection:)

  15. Hi Karen, just wanted you to know I got the little painting "Flying" you sent me back from the framers and have hung it. It looks beautiful!! I have posted a pic of it on the wall on my blog if you want to see.

    Once again, thank you for such a lovely little painting - it is so magical!

  16. Sting is amazing, as is your blog! Lovely. Exquisite.


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