Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rainy day things

Its been a day filled with rain.

Plans to be busy in the garden had to be postponed.

Most of the day has been spent inside.

Printing new pictures and packing orders, ready for the post first thing in the morning. The day has gone quickly and now its early evening and a brisk breeze has got up to blow the grey skies away.

Remember this.....
Come and take a look through the tiny window...

Sssssshhh.......Someone has taken up residence in one of our faerie houses.

Well, how could I resist not buying her when I saw that she was thrown into the bottom of a box with a broken arm at the local car boot sale.


  1. She looks quite pleased with her new home! Could I just ask what you use for printing? I'd love to start getting some prints of my photographs but am not sure whether to handle it myself, or take them to a proper printers. Thanks, and here's hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day!

  2. Hi Kitty
    I have an Epson stylus photo R2400.
    Which will hopefully pay itself off soon ;)

  3. Oh thanks for the info! It looks like I'll heading for the local printers for the time being though :)

  4. I wonder... will the magic mend her broken arm, will she grant you many wishes for your kindnesses too. Hope so. x

  5. Oh how sweet! This is the third fairy house I've come across on my wanderings tonight. It makes me sad as my only girl is all growing up and flying beyond fairy houses now. Boys do it differently. It's all about traps and danger!

    And we too had a rainy weekend...

  6. That fairy house is sweet. Rain here too so I know the feeling.

  7. What a sweet little fairy, I'm so glad you found her :)

    Did you see my earlier comment?

    Kim x

  8. I love how dew/rain beads up on lady's mantle leaves...

    How fun is your fairy house! and its occupant.

  9. it is such a lovely idea, the fairy house in the garden.

    I know what you mean about the time flying by, packing and posting always takes a lot longer than you think.

    I have been thinking in investing in a new printer so was interested to read about yours.

  10. Beautiful photos Karen. Fairies are taken seriously here in Ireland by some. So much so that a bypass was diverted around a tree believed to be inhabited by fairies. Personally I have never seen one yet, but I keep my eyes open!
    Enjoying your playlist too!

  11. Hey Karen, pop over and check out my latest post, hope you'll join me :-)

  12. Aw, I'm so glad you bought her. She looks so happy in her new home!

  13. so lovely, I'm so glad you rescued the fairy!

  14. I'm so glad I found your blog! Lovely photos and art work! Will definitely visit again!

  15. We too have had sunshine and sharp showers - difficult to plan what to do on those kind of days.
    What a sweet fairy house - a lovely idea for the garden.

  16. What a lovely find. I think she was waiting to be taken to the place she belongs!x

  17. A fairy that has found you and the perfect home in your garden!:)


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