Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Illustration Friday Cracked

I know this is probably cheating using this image, as I did it a while ago now!? But, it is half term after all this week and time has been spent with the children and the rather neglected garden instead of art work. ;)
The word 'Cracked' and this picture is very appropriate in our house this week. One of our hens has been sat so patiently on eggs these last twenty something days. We new the time was getting near that they would hatch and the children kept peeping in often. Well a week ago today the first baby chick emerged! Number 2 came on Monday and this morning saw the arrival of number 3 that came out so so tired after being stuck in the shell with just its beak poking out since yesterday evening!
I'll post some pictures soon!


  1. Lovely art work.
    I look forward to seeing your little chicks.x

  2. Thats lovely and the pictures will be great. I saw Puppies yesterday - its that time of year.

  3. I love this picture,song thrushes are one of my favourite birds. I hope the tired chick has got over his exertions now:)

  4. Oh, how lovely - full of anticipation! Look forward to see ing your chicks too.

  5. Oh Karen!
    I do so love your artwork. I too love Thrushes, well in fact all birds. Your pictures are so magical. How lucky you are to have chicks, it's so exciting for your children. I really would like some hens, but we are a little limited for space, one day maybe.
    Look forward to photo's until then have a Happy Weekend.
    Julie x

  6. A beautiful painting of the thrush and her clutch of eggs,I look forward to seeing photos of your hen's brood too.

  7. I love your style, It´s very particular and personal.
    The face of the woman is incredible.

  8. I've had baby cardinals in the same fix right outside my bedroom window in a nest in a hydrangea bush. I kept wanting to go out and help them hatch! But, they know what they're doing apparently.... all are now fat and flown away!

    Love the painting!!


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