Saturday, May 9, 2009

Awards and moths

I was recently given this award by two people with lovely blogs of their own.... Leanne over at Somerset seasons and Kathleen at Life Earth Sky . Thank you both! :-)
The Byrum spiritual Art blog award, only recently created, which you can read about here has to be passed on to two people who have inspired me with their art and whose work reveals a special magic and spirituality to the viewer.
I pass it on to Jackie Morris for all her magical paintings and words that she creates and to a recent discovery, Andrea Gutierrez's lovely whimsical work at my little big head

I know that not everyone, including myself sometimes when tagged, acknowledges it on their blog. This tagging business can be fun, but also a very time consuming thing, especially when you are a plodder on the keyboard like myself ;) However, I do appeciate being chosen and will always thank people with a comment on their blog, if I don't join in. I apologise now if I have completely forgotten to do that with someone! ;)

Now, on to other things .....

A few weeks back I mentioned that I had found a treasure that would have to wait to be shown on a future post. It was the very same day that I had found a skeleton leaf. I had been enjoying the early spring sunshine and removing some of the moss that spreads all over the white violets.
I uncovered this ....

Not wanting to put it back, for fear of it being eaten by a bird, now I had disturbed it. I decided it would be a good idea to bring it inside, put it in a jar and wait and watch what was to emerge?
I browsed the internet finding information on moth chrysalis's and the conditions they needed and have been since watching and waiting.

I believe it is a type of hawk moth chrysalis? All was going well and it was moving if you gently touched it, which I read was a sign of it about to hatch? However, this week its sadly stopped moving and I now believe has died.
A sad tale to have to tell you and maybe a lesson learned by me, not to intefere with mother nature.
Strange how things happen, and what a coincidence. Look what I found, newly born in the basket where my pink carnations are growing....

A gorgeous fluffy puss moth fresh out of its cocoon!! Look closely at the picture, you can see the hole its crawled out of, attached to the side of the basket.

' When one door closes another one opens '


  1. The moth looks beautiful Karen, so nice to see a youngster take their first few steps!
    Pity about the other one, nature indeed is very fragile.
    I have never seen a birds nest where I feed the local birds, but all my rabbit fur offerings (brushed off the fleece beddings) have been taken!

  2. The moth is beautiful, I've never seen a Puss Moth but can see now how it gets its name. Sad about the one that died, one of Nature's many casualties.

  3. Such a beautiful post and after my sister had to have her beloved kitty put down last night this is just so ~right~ x

  4. hello. The same thing happened to me, i found a catapiller in my living room in january eating the wallpaper. I put him in a plastic container (open at the top) with some cabbage which he ate. He became a chrisilist did the moving around thing then stopped just like you'res. I've not seen movement in a long, long time but i dare not move him outside incase he's still somehow alive and just waiting.

  5. This is the sweetest moth I have ever seen. cute name too "Puss Moth"!

  6. Congratulations on your award. There is something very otherworldly about moths don't you think?

  7. Congratulations on your award, Karen.
    I love your blog, it's so beautiful and the relaxing music is spot on. I've never had the pleasure of seeing a puss moth but I can see how it gets its name.
    We too, had to put our darling cat Daisy to sleep three months ago, on a cold snowy February morning. We buried her that night under a huge shining full moon - its a full moon tonight and I feel sad today. I miss her so much but was blessed with her company for 19 wonderful years and for that I am grateful.

  8. So close to it hatching - maybe it missed some signal it would have gotten from the ground, or maybe it just wasn't meant to make it. Lovely shot of the puss moth - it has such dainty striped legs! It's amazing that they can be so beautiful, and yet so clumsy.

  9. What a pity...Mother Nature, so cantankerous. (Andy is always telling me off for 'interfering with nature!') But what a beauty the other one is.

  10. Congratulations on your award, I will follow your links.
    The moth is beautiful, sad about the other :o(
    Thank you for your comment :o)
    A warm, happy (hopefully sunny) weekend to you.

  11. thank you so very much for the award karen. i never think that i can touch others so it is always more than nice when someone lets me know it.
    i love the moth too, by the way. i've always liked moths, they are the butterflies of the night!

  12. You are magic personified. Just love your pages...

  13. aw, the king is dead, long live the king comes to mind.

    Nature knows what she is doing i think, maybe that poor first moth wasnt meant to make it. the new moth is beautiful...

    Leanne x

  14. wow, that is a beautiful moth! i have never heard of them either, how poignant & precious after all the love & care you gave the chrysalis. ps my camera is a wee olympus camedia D535, nothing grand but it does have an amazing macro feature on it. a wonderful pressie from my lass.

  15. Love your work! Congratulations on your award.


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