Friday, February 20, 2009

Parcels and Toads

What a lovely surprise I had in the post yesterday!
A Parcel from Celia over at Purple podded peas.

A comment I had left on her blog had been chosen for ' a little something'
Well this little something was so gorgeous , I just had to share it!

These beautiful hare cards! I love them!
Sorry family and friends, but these cards will not be sent, but framed and put on my wall :)
Celia creates the most wonderful lino prints.So don't forget to stop by her blog and have a peep into her Etsy shop. (Thankyou Celia x)

Today the sun was shining and Spring had most definitely arrived.
How could I possibly refuse a day in the garden?

I captured the first daisy on the lawn...

Found the tiniest of toads.....

and disturbed his lunch!....

Then came indoors and listed this on Etsy......

Have a good weekend !


  1. you're right, those cards ARE stunning! i love hares,one of my favourite animals that's for sure! All your hares that i've seen i've absolutely loved. It's not long until my birthday so i thought i might buy myself a little present maybe......

  2. I love those cards! I'd be framing them too! Lucky you.

  3. The cards are wonderful!

    oh no! the Magpie is sold! Are you listing any others?

  4. Oh, you do have Springtime now, don't you? Complete with frogs and daisies. Here, it's 24F and there was talk on the news of snow. But, I know warmer days will find us soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh my, those cards are just gorgeous!!!
    And I envy you for having flowers already, hopefully it won't be long here...

  6. What a lovely parcel to unwrap:) I must go visit her blog imediately!!:)

    And you have a daisy already??? I am envious now!

  7. What a beautiful parcel! It looks inspiring before you've even opened it! I actually buy cards just for myself sometimes, the ones you won in your parcel certainly are lovely.x

  8. What a wonderful gift, you are very lucky. Hope you show us them again when they are framed.
    The heart is beautiful and unusual but it seems we have to be very quick off the mark to etsy to capture one!

  9. So many wonderful things in this post! (and I am especially enamoured of the toad).

    Your hearts are fabulous. Please keep doing more? ;-)

  10. What a delightful post! And those hare cards are gorgeous. Of course you have to frame them!


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