Saturday, February 21, 2009

New item on Etsy

This heart is about to be listed on Etsy , if anyone is interested?
Its handpainted and signed on the back.

Its been another glorious early spring day here again. I would have loved to be out in the garden, but sadly we had to go shopping for new rugby/football boots for school. Oh well, hopefully the sun will shine again tommorow.


  1. What an absolutely delightful heart, I love the little hare, and the twinkly stars, its gorgeous

  2. It's beautiful Karen! Can I ask you if your paintings 'Beyond the Gate' or 'Parade' are available as prints or cards at all?x

  3. So lovely to see the spring isn't it? Hurray!

  4. Oh, it's sold already, I'm too late... :-(
    But I'm sure it will bring it's new owner much joy. :-)

  5. I do love your style hon!!! this is so sweet!!! Sarah

  6. It is so beautiful, I am sorry I missed it but am delighted I managed to grab another!
    Have you come across a wonderful (non fiction) book called Where Have all the Flowers Gone by (appropriately) Charles Flower? It was recently recommended to me and I think you might enjoy it too.

  7. These are so beautiful Karen (and I see are selling as fast as you offer them!)

  8. Thankyou everyone for all of your sweet compliments :)

    Beyond the gate is not available as a print at the moment , but possibly could be in the future?
    The Parade isn't available, but I do have some copies of cards. I'm thinking of possibly selling some bundles of cards on ebay. Being published by a publisher, they can't be sold on Etsy.

    Thankyou for that book recommendation, I shall hunt it out.

  9. I would love to buy cards from you, especially for Christmas greetings. I hope you will have somme more soon.

    I love your work.


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