Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some things that I love

A little while ago I was very kindly given this award.

Thankyou Julia at: East Of The Sun West Of The Moon.

To accept this award I have to list 7 things that I love. This isn't difficult to do, so I,ll play along...
I won't include family, as they know I love them already :) x

1. Sparkly things and turquoise green

2. Snow!

Don't worry!.. I,m not going to post another snow picture :) Although I could quite happily snap pictures and pictures of it as I LOVE it! And, I'm sorry but I can't guarantee that there will not be any more pictures of it this year ;)

3. Beautiful old doors and windows.

(These are from the gorgeous little fairytale cottage in the grounds at Stourhead in Wiltshire)

I would love to have a front door like this....

4. Notebooks.
I fill them with scribbles , sketches, ideas, lists, books that I must remember to read, music that I have heard and want to hear more of and snippets of stories that dance inside my head, that hopefully I can pin down into picture books one of these days not so far away.

5. My garden.
Especially in the spring when the air is filled with the scent of apple blossom, the cowslips are in flower and the lawn a carpet of daisies.

6. Birds and birdsong

I dare not imagine what the world would be like without a sky full of birds and the beautiful songs they sing.

7. The night sky

I could just sit and stare at a starry sky and the moon for hours.
Last summer we all decided to sleep under the stars. Not in a tent, but just on camp beds and duvets on the grass in front of the front door. I fell asleep looking at star filled heavens. Luckily it was a saturday night, otherwise the postman would have thought we were a little strange. Our neighbours did I think?

So, thats my seven things. I am supposed to pass the award on to 7 other blogs, but as there are so many wonderful ones out there , I don't know who to choose?
So I invite anyone to play along.

Now I really must get on. This week has flown by in the blink of an eye and seems to have been filled with domestic jobs and silly little but never the less important things that have had to be seen to, therefore I have very little to show for it creative wise which is quite frustrating, but I'll survive :)


  1. Beautiful list and great photos. My parents took me to Stourhead when I was a youngster back in the seventies. I am intrigued by the fairytale cottage. Thanks for that Karen!

  2. Ah but you HAVE been creative this week, doing this! I stopped at the first picture drinking in the words, the music and the beautiful stones - bliss! I adore that doorway and would love to have an entrance like that! We go to Stourhead a lot, my favourite time there is the autumn when all those amazing trees transform. Your garden looks lovely, the perfect place to dream!x

  3. Beautiful windows.
    I love the romantic music I hear when I visit your blog.

  4. ooh, I am so happy to have found your blog! Just seeing the photo of the sparkly turquoise things was worth it! I look forward to reading back theu your archives!

  5. This made for very interesting reading, some fairly typical things that most people take for granted, you made them sound magical. I have some lovely window pictures on my Flickr group if you would like to take a look
    http://www.flickr.com/groups/919180@N23/ Enjoy the snow for there is bound to be more :-)

  6. Oh Karen... what a beautiful seven!! No wonder your art looks like it does - that amazing talent seeps through into your writing as well! Beautiful!!

  7. what lovely pictures and what a fantastic garden it looks wonderful...I saw a film with sweet P that I though you would like...The secret of Moonacre...filled with black lions, castles, and unicorns...the costumes are to die for....love Helen

  8. Wonderful! I do love those fairytale windows and doors...

  9. Ooh I love all those things too!!! Your garden looks soooo lovely & you are of course not alone in coveting a house with windows & doors like those! hehe

  10. What a wonderful list of seven! I love them all! Have only just found your blog and I'm looking forward to exploring more.

  11. Hi Karen. Your beautiful artwork and blog is an inspiration - so there is an award for you if you wish to accept it, over at my art blog: www.apriljarocka.blogspot.com

  12. Your seven are dreamy and wonderful just like your art.

    Love Renee

  13. What wonderful things you have in your favourites list and so thought provoking too. Super photos too. And as for Stourhead - ah! can't wait for our next visit. Happy weekend.

  14. Ah, we do share some favourite loves! Marvelous list. Edward and I send you a wish for a most Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your delightful list and lovely photos.

  16. So nicely written. The photos and the words create nice images. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Karen - top comment!

    Visit PPPs to find out why you deserve a prize :-)


  18. Hello,
    Just a quick email to say that although I am taking all my followed blogs off of my blog I have put a link to your shop on the fairysteps website. Hope this is OK. Its fun reading your blog and i will continue to do so.... Im just not doing any more blogging myself! The blog will be used as a stock update page only... so not so much fun for readers!
    Take care, Ren x

  19. I am hypnotized by the gorgeous faux jewels. They re beautiful.

  20. Absolutely lovely, Karen! You have the magic touch that I adore! Anita


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