Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Life

A little miracle to share with you.

This is always amazing to see. New life, tiny babies leaving the nest.
Yes,I am going to be overun with spiders living in the greenhouse. But, all the more to catch the greenflies!
And here is another nest...
'Sweet Dreams' An acrylic painting on canvas and already available as a print to buy here.

Now, I'm just finishing off this...
 And then...... another picture is waiting in the wings to be brought to life... 
I love the busyness of Spring .


  1. Goodmorning
    Reminds me of Charlottes web!
    Lovely painting..
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I really hate spiders...but I am trying to leanr to live with them! lol
    I don't mind the reasonable sized ones that behave, no sudden
    I call them Charlotte.

    The other kind...the monster kind we get in September when they are full grown...eeeeeeeeee....they get clobbered with a shoe. They get half the size of your hand & are horrid & black & evil looking. I found one in the bath & it looked so huge & scarey I named it 'Shelob'! LOL Shelob met a dusty rather windy end in the Dyson.

    On a different note...I love your paintings :) They sing to me of spring evenings & birds tweeting

  3. Gracious! there are so many of them!
    Friendly ones, I do hope!

    Love seeing your work! Lovely, as usual.

  4. I'm so happy you painted the fox in the nest, just enchanting, so I had to buy it :).

  5. such precious spiders! isn't it amazing how many of them there are?

    Your fox is adorable Karen placed inside that nest and the hare is oh-so handsome indeed!

    Beautiful work!

  6. lovely work again - we like spiders and often get nests bursting to life like this - it's lovely isn't it - until they get big and poo from a height! our windowsill is covered in spider poo but worth it for the early morning dewy web.

  7. Wow, what a great pic of the spiders. I don't think I could've got close enough to take it myself. I know it's irrational, but the little buggers make feel sick if I get too close. They're cute from far away though! I love you're paintings too. Overall, your blog is pretty darn amazing!

  8. Love the spider babies and new art! Hearing music from Black Beauty made me swoon, thank you:)

  9. Oooo... fun spider photo! They're just like the spiders following one another in Harry Potter! :-)
    - Deb

  10. ooh I want to sleep like that fox! shall try shortly. my sleep tends to be more like spiders running about though. or something.

    spider pic makes me itch! :-o

  11. Wow! That first picture is incredible!

    And I am so impressed that you get so much done, Karen. Beautiful paintings. C x

  12. Hello!

    I stopped by for the first time yesterday, and everything is so lovely here!
    I especially love all the different blues that you put into the skies in your paintings... they look so active, not just a backdrop. And the wee spiders today are charming too.

  13. Just popping in to say `hello'. Hope you are enjoying the breath of spring, even though she's taking a while to truly warm up. :) Lovely to see your work progressing and thanks for sharing the picture of the baby spiders. I think they will be busy this summer! xx

  14. Those spiders make me think of Charlotte's Web - a favourite book from my childhood. Your work is beautiful...I so love the fox!


  15. Wonderful. Got to love the tiny spiders. I took pictures of a bunch together last week, I bet they were newly hatched too. I guess I should see if any are good enough to post. Love your paintings too, they always make me smile.

  16. Karen dearest, I don't know how you feel about blog awards, but since I'm so taken by your art and your lovely self, I'd really like to send you an award. Come by anytime... (^_^) oxx

  17. Love your paintings, as always. Great photo of the little spiders. I am a fan of spiders in their proper place which is outside of my dwelling. I can see how they can be of great benefit in a green house. Kudos to you for letting them live. A lesser person would have annihilated the whole brood!

  18. Such another lovely painting!!! And I love the Hare as well. Your work makes my heart sing...Theresa Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. There is the wonderful fox drawing made into a painting, I love it!

  20. Karen!

    Wow! I've never seen baby spiders emerging from their nest before! It must've been a special sight I'm sure.

    Cute paintings BTW!


  21. You are SO talented! Are these on your Etsy site? I must check.

  22. how beautiful...just like charlottes web....I love the day I would love to see a hare in real life...they are so magical...

  23. delightful, glad to have found your etsy shop and blog.

  24. I really love your style, so nice...

  25. i love everything goodness me...i really, really do...its exactly where i want to be...for all time and happily ever after...blessings Eden

  26. I came across your blog by chance and I'm so glad I did. Your work is just gorgeous and magical. I'll return to read more. Sarah x

  27. I confess that the sight of all those spiders makes me go cold all over! So I shall concentrate instead on that lovely painting of the fox curled up asleep in the nest - that is so nice.


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