Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Week

This week has been filled with this and that. Last Saturday we turned our lights off for one hour, lit candles and played games in support of Earth hour. Above chocolate ladybirds and seeds some of the games prizes to win.
This week  has been given over to decorating. Our hall has been painted and new floor tiles laid. Just the kitchen to do now. I've managed to escape to my desk and lap top when I'm not needed ;) I finished painting some little hedgesparrows and planned ideas in my sketchbook.

I've enjoyed a lovely shopping trip with my friend to Marlborough and spied a church that looked like a castle.

I've picked daffodils, smelled many more primroses, and awoken early at dawn and listened spellbound, with a mug of tea, to the beautiful dawn chorus.
One night I sat up late, alone and  lost myself  in this beautiful film. I just love this clip...

And the music, I can't seem to stop listening to. I love the explanation of understanding poetry. I feel it's the same with painting and pictures.

Whatever you are doing this Easter weekend, I hope you enjoy yourselves. x


  1. Dear Karen! It's good to hear from you. Happy to hear that you are enjoying life and creating. The hedgesparrows are just beautiful. "Bright Star" has quickly become one of my favorite films of all time. Such wonderful acting and beautiful poetry. It truly makes my heart sing. :) I need to watch it again and fall in love all over again.
    Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  2. Lovely to read your post.
    Bright Star is such a beautiful film, what's not to love?

  3. The sparrows are very charming and have a friendly look. I have Bright Star on my list of movies to see.

  4. I must see this movie!
    A very Happy Easter to you Karen!

  5. the hedge sparrows are so sweet x they are dear little birds.
    thanks to you i turned my lights off for an hour too (i read it on your blog just a couple of minutes before the start).
    i like your prizes, where do you get the chocolate ladybirds from? they are cute and the seeds are such a good idea :o)
    would love to see 'Bright Star" have always liked Keats lovely, sensitive poetry.

    happy spring and easter/oestre hare hugs xxx


    p.s. the beautiful hare i bought from your shop has pride of place here and is much admired.

  6. You are so talented, you make true beauty and your blog and life are charming and so lovely! I wish for you a very nice Easter holiday ;)

  7. Ohh, I meant to see this when it was on at the cinema, and didn't get to. I love Jane Campion's films. Must get it out on DVD and have an evening of quiet indulgence all to myself! 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' is one of my favourite poems.

  8. Ahhh Bright Star - I watched it one rainy Sunday afternoon and completely fell in love with the film. Lovely to be reminded of it again in your blog. Kate :-)

  9. Hi Karen,
    Good to hear you enjoyed your day in Marlborough, I use to live around that area, many years ago. I could be moving back there again, sometime soon.
    I love the Indian shop. I wonder if it is still there?
    Lovely videos. How wonderful it would be, to have a butterfly room and a fairy queen butterfly, living in the wall!;)
    I must see this movie. Thank you for sharing a preview of the film.
    Have a good Easter too!

  10. Theresa...Thanks :) Yes, I think I will be watching it again in the future too.

    Ivy..It is indeed beautiful.x

    Terra...Thanks :) Yes you must watch it.

    Pamela.. Happy Easter to you too. x

    Sumea..I bought the little chocolate ladybirds in Lidl and the seeds too.Only 29p a packet! :) Happy Spring!

    Thanks :)x Hope you have a lovely holiday too.

    Mermaid in the attic...
    Yes I agree about Jane Campion films. The cinematography is always wonderful.

    It is the perfect film to see on a rainy afternoon.

    I love Marlborough, we often go there and nearby Avebury. Yes! the indian shop is still there. Unfortunately the fairy shop isn't :( x

  11. Hi Karen, a lovely Easter to you!! (I adore the sparrows!) ;-)

  12. I must catch this film, thanks for telling me about it.

  13. Hello Karen,
    I particularly love all your wooden creations - the sparrows are lovely (as are your foxes and hares!)
    I've quietly enjoyed your blog for some time but being a bit shy have not commented much!
    But now I have finally decided to have a go at a blog of my own and would love it if you felt like having a quick glance...?
    Hope you don't mind me mentioning it!
    Best wishes and Happy Easter...

  14. It's lovely when you find a film that touches you like that :) Makes you feel so inspired!

    I feel change in the air this Easter...:)
    I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend xxx

  15. I came here via Amalia's blog. I love everything I see. You are a fabulous artist! Oh I need to bookmark you!

  16. Lovely to catch up on your posts, Karen. Oh, I must see Bright Star! I've had it on my list for ages. Sending you magical wishes. xx

  17. Dear Karen
    What a lovey post. The church is just beautiful!!

  18. Your hedgesparrows are so lovely! I was thinking about you today because we went for a short walk around Lacock. I feel energised after being there! xx

  19. Your post was breathtaking - the photos, the sentiment, the music. It inspired me and set a magical mood for my whole day. I'm going to see if I can find a copy of the film. Have you ever read "The Girl of the Limberlost"? It's a very old book from the US about a girl who is enamored of butterflies and moths. A very good read. We did Earth Hour here in Oregon as well.
    Thank You for being so wonderful.

  20. Karen!

    Mmmmm, chocolate ladybugs!

    The hedgesparrow hangers look whimsical and fun too!


  21. i loved reading your page. xx

  22. Karen, seems like you've been busy and enjoying yourself... Don't you just love a newly decorated room? There's a always a new vibe in the air! Well, I can't wait to see more of your art... I'm sure the new vibes will give you so much inspiration. (^_^) ox

  23. Hi your art is pretty cool, cheers Marie

  24. I love your art. It takes me to a wonderful place that is peaceful and dreamy--a much needed break from my hectic world.

  25. Oh I absolutely adored Bright Star. I loved everything about it. The pace, the performances, the costumes, the setting, the music. I could go on.

    Thank you for the reminder!


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