Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dandelion Clocks And Little Treasures

There are so many things that I love about this time of year. The cloak of green returns, scent of apple blossom and bluebell, birds nest of moss, lambs, brimstone butterflies on primrose and tiny blue on holly, leafy lanes edged in cow parsley and dandelions.

I love the word 'dandelion' it originates from the old french word 'dentdelion' meaning  'tooth of the lion' referring to the sharply indented leaves of the plant although I wonder if it doesn't also mean the deep long root it has which you discover when you try to remove them from unwanted places? I remember as a child my Mother telling me that dandelion leaves were good for me, full of iron and having fun picking them and making a dandelion sandwich.(Not very often though as I didn't like the bitter taste) I remember trying to capture  the bright golden blooms in bunches, then feeling disappointment when indoors they would close up like daisies. The golden dandelion is an outdoor beauty. With face to the sun and left to go to seed will  transform into magical fairy clocks.
Did you ever pick them and try to make them last longer than a day by spraying some of your Mum's  hair laquer on them as a child? I did. :)

Another thing I like about this time, is discovering treasures at the local car boot sales that begin again in Spring. Here are some I recently found...

A beautiful illustrated story of a dragon, a golden journal to write secret ideas in and a unicorn.
And another owl.

 Who I can feel is a little special?...

 So apart from enjoying simple pleasures I have been busy making...

Listing new items in my Etsy shop...

I have been trying for ages to source a reasonable place to get Greetings cards printed. So decided to do a taster and get a small batch done.

Many people have been asking if I will be doing more painting on hearts. The answer is yes, definitely.
I'm painting at the moment on a canvas A3 size and it's taking a little longer than anticipated so I will wait a teeny bit longer until the showing of  pictures. In the meantime though  as it's quite similar in some ways I thought I'd show you a painting I did a couple of years back.

                                                                They Came Bearing Gifts
This is the largest painting I have ever done on canvas and measures 100x80cms. It hangs on the living room wall, so the photograph is not perfect. On a bright day I'll take it outside and make a really clear copy, then I might make it available as a print?

Thank you so much to everyone that gives me awards. I keep meaning to do them but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to keep up a weekly blog and paint and create. I really do appreciate you thinking of me though. and one of these days will do something special?

Just a couple more things ... Don't forget I have a facebook page if you would like to come along and join, you would be more than welcome :) It's here!
Finally, I've been honoured today to have one of my paintings on the blog of the talented Terri Windling. Go take a look here
So, until another day I bid you  fair spring in your step and warm sunlight on your face. x


  1. I love the painting with the deer. Gorgeous!

    -- Terri

  2. A pleasure to visit your site, as always. I keep looking for one of those glass paperweights with the dandelion somehow preserved inside. --hart

  3. All your work is just magical, Karen! Love the dandelion photos--so beautiful!

    Hope you're having a glorious day!

  4. That big painting must looking absolutely stunning on your wall at home! I think it'll make fantastic prints. I love to see lots of dandelions too, they're so bright and cheery and as a child used to love the little 'fairies' that would fly from them as you blow the dandelion clock! I thought they were real fairies!xx

  5. I'm sure your cards will be a great success, your work is stunning. My little boy is obsessed with dandelion clocks at the moment. We just borrowed 'Christopher Nibble' by Charlotte Middleton from the library and there are some gorgeous illustrations of them - check it out next time you're in Waterstones - I think it might be right up your street!

  6. I think you should make a print of They Came Bearing Gifts, it has such a nice mood. All lovely and it was a treat to see your work on Terri Windling's site. Best wishes!

  7. What a great post. Well done, with it all really.

  8. Gosh, what an amazing painting!
    Lovely post, and I adore that owl you found! Magic.

  9. Always so inspiring... thank you :)

    I absolutely adore the starry night hare wood hanger and since it already sold... i'm hoping you will make more ?!

  10. such a lovely post
    i also love dandelions and soon they will be growing all over my yard and I will feel happy. I love reading your stories of being young and getting to know these little gems of gold and green, seed and whimsy.
    Each piece of your art is so wonderful! I will have to peak at your shop, again~

  11. I love your 'They came bearing gifts' painting, all the movement, atmosphere and the fragility of the plants in the foreground and in their mouths... beautiful!

  12. I love 'they came bearing gifts' it has a lovely light quality and a beautiful 'kind' feel to it. thanks for showing.

  13. Such a mesmerizing post, Karen! Dandelion is definitely magical, so strong and so fragile in the same time.

    I LOVE your painting, by the way. I can just imagine it majestically hung on your wall!

  14. My garden is full of lush dandelions at the moment, because it's Autumn now and we've had rain! A couple years ago I would have just pulled them out as weeds, but I've discovered a new appreciation for them! Your large painting must look spectacular on your wall at home, it's really lovely. And I do love listening to your music choices.

    :) Christina

  15. Always a treat to visit your world Karen, I adore your new large painting and I'm sure in person it is even more enchanting!


  16. Karen, I'm sure your cards will be great sellers. Congratulations on sourcing a good printer! :-)

  17. i too love the dan-de-lion...especially when they turn all feathery and very special...i so love your blog, your music and your art...i am so happy i discovered you through facebook...happy painting and blessings to you...Eden

  18. Love your picture of the dandelion. Funny as I have a picture of a dandelion on my blog today too! I love that picture you painted too, sooo much. Yes definitely make a print of it if you can. Love your art work so much

  19. Karen, it's such a joy to visit your site to see what you have been doing - I love the pictures of the dandelion. It's also great to see your work on Terri Windling's blog - and what a lovely blog she has too!

    Enjoy your painting and creating ... hope the sun is shining for you today.


  20. What great car boot finds, and yes I did spray lacquer on the dandelion heads. I also used to annoy my grandad by blowing all the seeds over his allotment at every opportunity

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  21. Funny, I was only looking at some dandelions the other day & wishing I had my camera :)
    Never eaten one in a sandwich

    The cards look ace!! One day I'll get mine done properly, would save a lot of hassle! :)
    I bet they will do well x

    OH...& congrats on being featured on Terri's blog!! That is praise indeed :)

  22. Your large painting is wonderful, great composition and colour and that extra sprinkling of Karen magic!

    When we were children we were warned not to pick dandelions because of their diuretic qualities.( I am being polite here!)

  23. I do like your reindeer. And I LOVE your starry hare. Ooh, and I have the same unicorn! Glad yours has found its way to such an appreciative and magical home.

  24. You are lucky to have found such treasures! I think you could be right about the roots of the dandelion. Many people here try to rid them from the lawns. I feel like an outlaw because we leave them. I may have to harvest some this year though; I just bought a book on natural dyes and dandelions are in there.

  25. You have made dandelions so magical. I do love picking them and blowing their seeds into the wind, while making wishes. :) I'm happy you found a source for your greeting cards - they look lovely and will make wonderful gifts (or just as frameable art). Your new painting is absolutely stunning. I love it so very much. :) Theresa

  26. Terri...Thanks :)

    hart..I am looking for the very same thing. I seen one years ago but they are always very pricey. :)

    Julie..Thank you :)

    Jessie..We have high ceilings in our living room so surprisingly it doesn't look big at all? It's only when you take it down you realise just how big it is! :)

    Thanks for the recommendation. i will check it out, it sounds delightful. :)

    dellamarinis...I will definitely try. :)

    Hermes.. Thanks :)

    Pamela....Thank you.x You know I have another owl almost identical, slightly darker and when I saw this one he just had to come home with me. And he was only £1.

    I expect a few more starry hares will crop up in the future. ;)

    Tammie...Thanks x

    SwanArtworks... Thank you :)

    Mrs yappy dog... Thanks :)

    Amalia... They are magical indeed.
    I love to go to a field filled with dandelions when they are all clocks. That is a painting in my head coming soon... ssssh ;)

    Thank you, I love discovering new music.

    Cat... Thanks for visiting x

    The Garden Ms..
    I haven't really found a good printer as yet. These were just a taster printed through Moo, as they let you print a variety of designs on a small run. I would like to source a cheaper printer to keep the prices down.

    Eden...Why thank you. Glad you like it. :) x

    Liz..Thank you xx

    Jeanne...Thanks :) I hope the sun shines too, but the weekend is looking filled with April showers.

    Gina...I still do blow them all over my own garden. Then I realise where they will land! :D

    Thanks xx
    The cards are done through Moo, just a taster, I'm still trying to source a cheaper place?

    Thanks :) x
    I don't think it ever had an 'effect' so to speak (haha) on me as they didn't taste very nice so never ate enough.

    dancingbeastie.. It's great to find treasures isn't it. :)

    Holly M...
    Once I had a go at drying the roots and grinding them to make dandelion coffee. :)

    Theresa.. Dandelion clocks are a thing of immense beauty I think.

    Thanks for all your comments xx

  27. Ah, Karen.....

    It takes a special lady to see the beauty in what most people would think of as a weed.

    The greeting cards look great and the super large painting looks neat too! It's almost like the animals of the forest are heading somewhere all at once.

    I want to know where!


  28. I love the images of the dandelion clocks! Magical!

    And what a beautiful painting. As always. C x

  29. i must tell you that I go to your blog every day and leave it open just so I can listen to the music while I do beadwork. You put together an excellent playlist! Thank You.

  30. As always Karen, beautiful work. Wonderful treasures from the car boot. I love books and always find some wonderful bargains at the car boot. Today recycled jars for my candle jars. Have a wonderful bank holiday :)

  31. Such interesting things about dandelions, always liked them. Your art is lovely, mysterious and magical, but I have to say - the boot sales you go to! The owl, the dragon book, the unicorn, - holy cow, we don't have great finds like that in New York! And yes, he is indeed a special owl :)

  32. All your work is just magical, Karen! Love the dandelion photos--so beautiful!
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  33. when i lived in chicago in the 50's my garandother, and i (all of 5 perhaps) would go to the park, and pick a mess of dandelion greens. She would wash, and boil them, and we would eat them with our supper :-)


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