Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hares In The Cold. Aceos And Moss Green

I've been out in the cold, this week. In the shed where the saw lives, cutting out some wooden hares.
Once they were cut out and drilled, then came my favourite part. Sitting in the warm, next to my little heater, listening to music and bringing them to life.

They have been painted, highlighted with gold and adorned with beads bells and ribbon.
And are almost ready for their journey by photograph to the Etsy shop.

I've also been playing around with paints, and this was the result of Monday evenings play.

An ACEO sized acrylic painting on watercolour paper titled 'Sweet Rest' which will also be for sale.

Today I needed to get out in the fresh air and stretch my legs. The woodpecker was tapping  and the spring song of blackbirds preparing to nest. I needed a breath of green.

 Velvet moss.

 Just like the elusive velvet moss green coat that I have been hunting for forever....

Tommorow will be a trip to town for various bits and pieces and a long overdue book browse in the charity shops. I think I have to, or I could well become a hermit here?


  1. I LOVE your hares. Going to check out your etsy shop after I finish this comment. I look every morning to see if you have put something new on your blog. You make magic.

  2. I have those hermit tendencies myself.
    I adore the new hares you've brought to life, and also that mossy tree. Is there any better colour than that moss green?

  3. Just beautiful..every hare and your ACEO..beautiful!! I adore moss! your shots are stunning! We have had such warm weather here in N. Idaho this year the moss is thriving! Have a great weekend, Sarah

  4. 'Sweet Rest' is so tender and the dear wooden hares so magical. Your work breathes nature is why you have to get out in the green x

  5. Thats really interesting, for I too have been searching for that mossy green velvet coat too! Hmmm...I wonder where they could be?

  6. I love the hares. They are so precious. The new painting is so beautiful and ethereal. :) It has been cold here, too. It is time for spring now, I think. As much as I love the winter, I do long to see pretty flowers and nesting robins. :) Theresa

  7. Gosh, I just love your hares so much! You imbue them with magic!

  8. Your hares are lovely and so is the green moss. It's a beautiful vibrant colour at this time of year among all the muted colours of winter.

  9. I really love your work, especially anything with hares or foxes, it's so magical!I always look forward to your new posts:)

  10. Magical hares and enchanting moss green ~ wonderful! And I so love your `Sweet Rest'. Have a beautiful day and enjoy your book browsing. x

  11. Lovely pics, & lovely hares! You really are the Queen of hares I think :)

  12. They are stunning. I absolutely love them. My partner loves your blog also. (This is a real compliment as he is usually shows complete disinterest in what I look at!)

  13. Hi,
    I have found your work through Carol Anne and Cat Mallard. I love your Hares! They are so magical and gorgeous. I also love your paintings and your whole blog is such a gorgeous fairy tale place. I must go and check out your Etsy Shop! I do think that making art like this is a very "hermity" job. Time flies and before you know it you have been alone working for days. I hope you get out and that you find that moss green velvet coat too!
    Take care!

  14. I love the asuas hares... they are healthy so delicate and savages.. free.. they seem to have life.

  15. Karen!

    Those rabbits look amazing all grouped together like that!

    How in the world can moss grow outside in the wintertime?!

    I've never seen such a thing!

    It must be wonderful living out by you!


  16. Such gorgeous work, Karen. You are so very clever :)

    I too could become a hermit, given half the chance, that is!

  17. Yes, it's that time of year, Karen. Force ourselves out from the warmth and get that first nip of Spring in our lungs, ears, hearts.

    Gorgeous hares! :-)

    C x

  18. I love your hares -- and a much better name than rabbits!

  19. Adore the hares!! Lovely photographs and the moss coat sounds wonderful!
    Just to let you know I have tagged you but please only take part if you want to as it may not be to your liking?
    The tag is posting seven things we don't know about you. If you do decide to take part then please go to my blog for details.
    Love Jane xxx

  20. Beautiful hares Karen! I love those heart shaped hangers a few posts back, and popped over to your shop, but they've all gone! I also have hermitish tendencies and have to force myself to get out and about sometimes...though I find it easier in winter than summer here, the heat can be so oppressive!

  21. oh thats my favourite piece of music playing...just a quick warning Karen, I have had to delete my blog, I got a terrible virus which has crashed my computer and left it ruined, I didnt want anyone else to get the virus, so please dont post any chinese comments. I have set up a new blog on

  22. Your art work, both your paintings and wood pieces, simply make me smile! So whimsical and fun.

    Gerushia's New World

  23. Hello Karen, how are you? Wow, I couldn't stop scrolling up and down your blog... It seems like you live in a magical land somewhere! Is there a special spell that can zap me up there instantly?? xx

  24. Hello Karen, such lovely hares x A lovely blog. I love hares and bunnies, love, Maid in Ireland x


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