Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moon Effects

Yesteday was an odd day. Maybe it was the effects of a full moon?

Throughout the day the weather constantly changed.  It started dull and grey, then the sun came out and I felt sure I'd see a rainbow when the rain began to fall. I didn't. An hour later the hail began to tap against the window. After lunch the clouds on the horizon looked like mountain peaks covered in snow and the bluest of clear skies appeared. Thats it for the day I thought, but how wrong can one be when two hours later there was a blizzard of snow outside? Things were very strange and if I had seen owls flying past in daylight and strange people resembling wizards in  long robes I wouldn't have blinked an eye.

I didn't, just incase you are wondering ;)
The sky cleared again and it was the most beautiful clear night with the brightest full moon. So beautiful we just had to go for a short walk in the garden at 11pm on frosted grass. When we came in we needed icecream.
Yes, I think a full moon can sometimes have a strange effect on things.
Not on these hearts though....

As this time, the new heart hangers listed in the shop are moonless....


  1. they are so, so, so beautiful!

    The only strange thing here - that I've noticed - is the amount of snow. You'd think we'd be used to it in the north of Sweden, but when I walked downtown today I was baffled to see the snow beside the street was higher than me! I thought it was just waist high...

    I love the mysteriousness of the animals in your paintings.

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse

  2. Hello Karen! There were indeed strange things afoot ~ even here. Today it looks as though it might snow, and it is mighty cold. I am yearning to see some of the lovely animals pictured on your wooden hearts...maybe soon...
    Theresa :)

  3. Karen!

    You always have the coolest looking weather by you! I've got move where you are! LOL

    Oh, and I like the hanger on the far left. The one with the deer in shades of blue and white.

    Very nice!


  4. Love the photo of the cats lying on the bed in the sunlight!

  5. Here in the other Hemisphere it was a strange and magical day too.
    Last night the moon appeared huge and golden,the previous night silver and it's been as bright as day with the owls,bats and other night creatures unusually visible.

  6. Wonderful post. All of your work is truly enchanting and beautiful..I enjoy your posts..and the whole magical atmosphere here..everytime I visit.Your genuine spirit and magical heart shines through all that you do.

  7. I love magical surreal days like that, with moonlit walks & ice cream...not to mention wizards! lol

  8. A Beautiful poetic post :o)
    My daughter said she thought it a particularly strange moon this month.

  9. Just beautiful work Karen! and love your adventures yesterday. We had crazy weather here too in Edinburgh with snow flurries in the sun with a blue sky!

  10. Lovely post (as was your last one full of twisty black branches against that jewel-toned blue sky) - yes the moon makes things mysterious. I adore your latest batch of painted hearts. The one I bought from you is hanging on my studio wall so I think of you often. :-)

    Cheers from the drizzly and decidedly moonless Pacific Northwest..

  11. Beautiful heart such lovely colours! There is something so comforting about cats sleeping on a bed...cozy.


  12. I love the pic of the cats in the moonlight

  13. Such beautiful images! I am sure that the moon has a great effect on many things.
    Megan from Denmark

  14. I think you are right about half-expecting the owls and wizardly folk to be about. We had a few days of odd weather here as well.
    Your hearts are so incredibly lovely...and as always your blog casts an enchanting spell.

  15. Talking about magical... The photo with the kitties on the bed.. well, it looks like there is a woman with Renaissance dress peering in the window on the right.

  16. What a day!

    Yes, there were a few little crazies in our house too. And sunshine and snow.

    Sounds like a good weekend!

  17. What beautiful work! I'm so pleased to have found you!

  18. I saw the full moon saturday evening in Oxford, low and huge, so incredible. I just WISHED I'd had my camera with me :)

  19. The weather has been quite changeable here, too, Karen - and so full of magical mischief. Hope you've enjoyed the brightness of the wolf moon. xx

    PS Love the new heart hangers!

  20. Hello

    The print arrived and it's Lovely as is the Beautiful postcard :o)

    ThankYou so much xxx


  21. Fabulous. Oh how I wish I could draw well. I also appreciated listening to Loreena whilst I viewed. Lovely.

  22. I just found your blog through One Pink Goose. Love it!

  23. There's some fabulous photos that reminded me of your work here;

    Love that picture of the cats on the bed! And your hare is mystical.

  24. Lovely photos and the hearts are lovely too. I knew I should have bought the hare one that appeared in yor previous post when I saw it! Too late now though:(

  25. beautiful. and absolutely stunning photo of the cats on the bed.

  26. Thanks for all your lovely comments and hello to any first time commenters and visitors :) xx

    The weather has seemed to have settled now that the beautiful full moon has gone.

    Moira... The cats on the bed are actually sleeping in the sunlight. Difficult to see as I changed it to black and white. :)

    Possible impossibilities studio....
    My goodness you are right! I too can see the lady peering in. Now that is odd. :)

    James and Bunnit...
    Thank you so much for visiting :)

    Griffin... Thanks for the link, I'll have to pop across and take a look :)


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