Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Cupboard A Worn Out Pencil and A Birthday Giveaway.

This week I  bought a cupboard. How could I resist this wonderful piece of furniture crying out for a new home in our local charity secondhand shop? Look at all the storage it has!

It's a lovely old piece and reminds me of 'Moonacre Manor'.

Looking at the state of my pencil though. Hmmm... maybe I should be spending the pennies elsewhere!?

I've been busy with more hearts. A special one for a relative of mine's birthday and a couple more hare designs that have been listed and sold and are on there way to their new homes.

I've almost completed a new painting on canvas. But not quite. It still has a few finishing touches to be put to it, so I will wait just a little while longer until I show you that one.
You may have noticed I've altered the blog banner. I thought it was time for a  small change, as it's my blog's birthday! To be precise it was on the 29th February two years ago that I started blogging. I can't believe it's been that long! What a wonderful time I've had. A big thank you to all the lovely people that visit here and follow and all the friendly, kind,warm and  positive comments that you leave. :)

Surely this means it must be time for a giveaway!! .......

So, all you have to do is leave me a comment here, letting me know which is your favourite print I have for sale in my Etsy shop. Then next Sunday I will pick a winner out of the hat and they will win that favourite print. Good luck ! x


  1. You sure got your money's worth out of that pencil, LOL! I'd love to enter your draw -- my favourite print at your Etsy shop is "Wishing on a Blue Moon." Congrats on your blogoversary, and may you have many more!

  2. What a lovely old wooden chest! I love older wooden furniture - my husband tells me that the heavier it is, the better I like it. He knows because he helps lift it. LOL Love your work... my super favorite print is Through the Forest - so magical. I just want to be on that horse riding through the woods with all the animals nearby! (I do live in the US though, just to let you know.)

  3. Don't you think the pencils on their last legs are always the best? The brand new ones are never just right. My favourite print is "Wishing on a Blue Moon". Happy Blogday

  4. How fun & so wonderful of you.
    My favorite is Beyond The Gate. Thank you for asking.

  5. Gnarly pencil, tells a story, this artist creates much beauty. :)

    Gorgeous cupboard. I always like to know the history, if possible, of old piece of furniture.

    Wishing on a Blue Moon is my very most favorite.

  6. many congratulations of your blog birthday, i really enjoy visiting your magical space here.
    my favourite of your prints is 'nest'.. full of hope and nature's magic...
    warmest wishes
    sweetmyrtle. typepad

  7. Happy blog anniversary to you, Karen!!! All of your posts are so magical and inspirational to me. How wonderful of you to offer something for us! I adore all of your work, and I do hold a special fondness for your foxes. Therefore, I'd have to say "Clothed in Silver" right now would be my favorite.
    The cupboard you purchased is beyond compare! I love it so very much. You can definitely house many wonderful items within.
    Again, congratulations on your blog anniversary! :) Theresa

  8. An excellent purchase, one I suspect you'll never regret.I love old gnarly pencils, I love new pencils and everything in between.
    All your prints work for me so any is the answer.Happy birthday Blog.

  9. happy blog birthday kare, and just to say thank you for creating such a magical & inspiring place to visit. I can see why you couldn't leave that cupboard behind, its lovely, i love olde pieces that have a mysterious history too. It is so difficult to choose a favourite print, but after much considering, it has to be wishing on a blue moon, i love hares. Heres to another fab year of blogging & creativity x

  10. What a great cupboard, love it!

    I'm very keen to enter your draw. Difficult question though. I'm torn between "Wishing on a Blue Moon" and "Beyond the Gate". Hmmm, "Beyond the Gate" I think! Beautiful work.

    Happy Blog Birthday,


  11. Oh my! I am excited about this giveaway. It's a hard choice, but I will pick Narwhals as my favorite of the moment!

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  12. Oh it is "Magic cat" that stirs my heart so please enter me in your give away.
    The piece of furniture is worthy of the Professor's home, in the Chronicles of Narnia.
    Please buy a new pencil, dear.

  13. Wishing you a most Happy Anniversary! Two whole years is quite an accomplishment. I do love visiting here.

    My favourite print has to be Beyond the Gate. So amazing!

  14. Hi Karen, Two years - yayyyy!! You have made the blogosphere a more enchanting place!

    I love the wooden chest - it looks as if it should be filled with treasures and mysteries. ;-)

    If I had to pick only one of your prints (I love them all!) it would be Through the Forest.

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! :)

  15. Happy Blog-iversary :) It's a beautiful place to visit!

    Favorite print? Wishing on a Blue Moon.

  16. We love Magic Cat, we live in the US too. Good luck to everyone. Jackie

  17. Congratulations on your 2nd year of blogging Karen! And that was such a HARD decision to pick just one print! I managed to narrow it down to 3 favourites; 'Clothed in Silver', 'Through the Forest' and 'Wishing on a Blue Moon', and then my daughters conferred and decided they liked 'Wishing on a Blue Moon' best! :)

    BTW, I have to say I love the music on your blog, sometimes I leave it open after I've finished reading just to listen!

  18. Happy Blog Birthday Karen!
    I can see how precious your pencil is - I hope you get 'just the right one' to replace it, pencils that are 'just right' are like gold! Though I suspect you can create beautiful artwork with anything that can leave a mark!
    What a wonderful brithday give away! thank you!
    I just adore The Secret ~ so very tender and special!
    Hope you have great fun filling up your new chest!

  19. What a beautiful antique cupboard you've found! Your hearts are gorgeous, I just love the whimsy and colors in your work! And congratulations on your blog's birthday!

    I loved strolling through your shop to look at all of the beautiful creations, and to choose one was very hard, but I kept coming back to 'Through the Forest' with all of the wonderful creatures of the woods!

    Thank you ever so much for creating such a magical blog and offering this wonderful giveaway!

    Dale Ann ~

  20. Hi Karen,
    Wishing you the happiest of Blog Anniversary wishes! What a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion, in both your lovely side board/chest purchase, and a generous
    giveaway! There is nothing more inspiring than the sight of a well worn and stumpy pencil. :-) Thank you so much for offering one of your lovely works to one lucky recipient. I must say, your owl and moth is just so magical to me and is my most favorite. My second favorite, and my Etsy choice is "An Angel In The Woods", as it's as if one is seeing it in a dream. Just lovely. I'm crossing my fingers!

  21. Congratulations on your blog-versary! I personally love best the "Angel in the Woods" print...though it was so difficult for me to choose just one!
    Your art is amazing...gorgeous pieces. They are so full of wonder and peace.

  22. Happy blogoversary! I just adore the fantastic scenes you create. To me they are full of such magical winter silence. I think one of my favorites is Clothed in Silver. That fox is so elegant!

  23. Two years, that's marvelous! Your blog is a JOY to visit and I enjoy stopping by each and every time....

    Thank you for the Giveaway! I shall toss my vote in the hat for "Angel in the Woods".

  24. Happy Anniversary!
    "Clothed in Silver" has always been my favourite!
    looking forward to seeing the new hearts, yay!

  25. Congratulations on blogging for 2 years, your creations all have a wonderful spiritual quality that I adore, my favourite is Through the Forest.

  26. I thought it look like a piece of moon acre furniture as soon as I saw it...and in a charity shop...gosh how wonderful, I am afraid we only find primark cast offs in ours!!! happy blog birthday! H

  27. What a great find your new cupboard was, you must have very good charity shops where you live! My favourite of your prints is 'Wishing on a Blue Moon' with my favourite hare - it's a beautiful, magical picture.

  28. Lovely blog,congratulations,lovely art,my favourite print is "clothed in silver". I like those wooden hearts you make too ,they are magical.

  29. Happy Birthday to you!

    I love all your prints but "Wishing on a blue moon" is my favourite."

    That was a great find from the charity shop.

  30. That is one beautiful piece of furniture Karen. I'll bet every time you walk past it you swell with pride. Wow. And a beatiful banner. It's certainly enhanced your blog.
    So many beautiful paintings/prints to choose from. I really wouldn't mind which one, but as I have to pick could I please pick 'wishing on a blue moon' (being a hare and moon lady). Wasn't the full moon wonderful last night! I wasn't well and it just soothed me to sleep...mind you so did the pain That said, in case you sell out of that print between now and when you close the competition, I'd choose beyond the magical too.
    All the best and thanks for taking part in my competition too. If you ask Jessie nicely she might share some of the chocolate with you!

  31. Oh wow! Of course you couldn't pass that up! And I bet it looks beautiful and perfect in your home.

    How on earth could anyone choose just one print, Karen? But if pressed I would have to say Wishing On A Blue Moon. Or Traveling Circus... Or...sigh...any really...


  32. Happy Anniversary! Hard to choose, but I'd say 'Through the Forest' as an absolute favourite. Would you like me to send you some new pencils?!

  33. Happy Blog Birthday Karen! I love that piece of furniture you bought. My favourite print of yours is 'Wishing on a Blue Moon', it was hard to choose between that and 'Through the Forest' and 'Clothed in Silver' your work is so good!

  34. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us on this blog. My favourite print is 'They came to listen' - it tells such a magical story in just one image.

  35. Happy anniversary! I've been following your magical blog for a while - I just love your mystical drawings, and the snow, and I have a soft spot for hares. (They feature in my own blog today, but in a much more prosaic way.) Your blog and your artwork express a very feminine, 'other' way of looking at the world which we badly need.
    It's very hard to choose a favourite print: the hare wishing on the moon is enchanting, and I love the angel in the forest. I would settle for the exhilarating 'Through the Forest', though: that girl on a unicorn is experiencing everything I wished for in childhood.

  36. Happy happy blogiversary! You are always a joy to read. (Am feeling a bit jealous of that wonderful wooden chest!)

    It's very difficult to choose, but I think I like Through the Woods best. Today, at least. :-)

  37. Happy Birthday! Love the new cupboard - just the sort of thing I would treasure too!
    Your work is magical and I particularly love "Wishing On A Blue Moon".
    Have a great day!

  38. happy blog birthday!!
    I'd love to enter your draw, the only problem is all your prints are beautiful, it's so hard to choose a favorite. If I win, I guess I'd pick Clothed In Silver, the fox is so beautiful!!

  39. Happy blog birthday! Wishing on a blue moon is my favourite print!

  40. Congratulations on your Blog anniversary Karen - its always a joy to visit this magical space.

    I love your old cupboard - what a great buy!

    I would be delighted to enter your draw - it was a difficult choice but my favourite print at the moment has to be 'Wishing on a Blue Moon.' It's beautiful.

    Jeanne x

    PS Love your new header!

  41. Happy blog birthday!! :) And I love the new banner..

    The cupboard is gorgeous...just my sort of thing too! lol (The secret of moonacre...loved that film!!)

    Prints...Ok...always hard to choose favourites, but probably 'Wishing on a blue moon'!

  42. Love the banner, cupboard and ALL your prints. I think one of my favorites is "Wishing on a Blue Moon". I've always wanted the one of the owl too but I don't see it in your shop.
    Happy Blog Birthday!

  43. Oooh big blogtastic Birthday wishes :) Love that wonderful cupboard, it's gorgeous.

    Any print blue would suit me, as I'm in love with all of them :)

  44. Congratulations on your blog birthday!! I love reading your blog, looking at your photographs, and listening to the music, whilst creating my own works!
    Please enter me into your giveaway. I especially love 'Nest', 'The Smallest Turtle Dove' and 'Magic Cat'. Should I be lucky enough to win - surprize me!!

  45. Hi Karen, I'd choose 'Narwhals'. Your artwork is so lovely. xx

  46. Hi Karen
    I love those new wooden hare hearts! My friend in Australia was over the moon with hers!
    Your new piece of furniture is really lovely, and we have been lucky enough to find a bargain for our kitchen in solid wood this weekend too. Isn't it amazing what people don't want any more.
    Congratulations on your two year anniversary, and I look forward to seeing what 2010 has in store.
    My favourite picture is Wishing on a Blue Moon - popular one!
    Best wishes

  47. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary.

    My favorite is the Narwhals. The blues you use are deep and mysterious. Love it!

  48. Best wishes on your blog's birthday! Lovely piece of furniture and new banner – which happens to feature my favorite print, Wishing On A Blue Moon. The contrast of the deep blue and silvery white is really special and seems to dramatize the glow of the moon.

  49. Happy Blogiversary!

    This is a good opportunity for me to make my appreciation known...I've recently moved from a very large city with a thriving creative community to a very small one, beautiful but somewhat isolated. My inspiration since the move has been much supported by time spent with a handful of artists blogs, including yours, so thank you for being "out there".

    I'd like to enter your draw as well. Hard to choose but I like Beyond the Gate quite a lot.

    Ontario, Canada

  50. Happy blogoversary:-)
    I love all your painting but my current fav is Autumn Series No 2:-)
    Take care,

  51. found it at last! I love all the paintings but I think my favourite is The Smallest Turtledove. Thanks, Hannah x

  52. Ooh! It's so hard to choose only one... But I'm loving 'Wishing on a Blue Moon'...
    I'm so glad I found your blog - your work is lovely! And I'm envious of such a fabulous charity shop find!

  53. I envy you for finding that beautiful piece of furniture, and I so wish I had the space for it in my room!
    Happy 2nd Birthday to your blog :o)
    It is so kind of you to celebrate with a present for others. If I should be so lucky, I would like to own a print of Wishing on a Blue Moon.

  54. How can one pick a favorite from so many fabulous artworks. Don't enter me in the give-away - I don't want you to have to pay postage to the US, but wanted to let you know that I check your shop often to get inspired to get into my studio and create (I do beadwork).
    My favorite is the Traveling Circus print. It seems to have a little bit of a steam punk vibe happening. I also love your wooden rabbits.
    You are very gifted.

  55. I just LOVE " Wishing on a Blue Moon"its my favourite print on your Etsy site, so am entering your draw with that choice..
    just became a fan on face book and so found link to your blog via that page...your hearts are incredible...and your new fox is fantastic... will be following your blog xxx

  56. Sweet Rest is truly gorgeous and it reminds me of my daughter who has a small, rather scruffy white rabbit that she has had since she was a baby. Made me catch my breath when I saw your picture. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  57. Happy Anniversary. Beyond the Gate is my favorite. Just looking at it makes me happy and calm.

  58. your circus print with the skating bunny :) Although I do adore them all!

    hee, what a well loved pencil!

  59. Wishing on a Blue Moon is one of my favourite... I actually like them all to be honest, but the Wishing on a Blue Moon speaks to me....
    Love all your creations, think you are a very talented lady!!
    Congratulations on your Blog Birthday!!
    Love Jane xxx

  60. That is a gorgeous sideboard. Looks Victorian to me, or early 1900s imitation of a much older style.

    I've had pencils like that too, somehow they become more comfortable to use, tho' I have no idea why.

    Anything by you would be wonderful. Can't wait to see the painting on canvas... now I'm wondering what it could be of!!

  61. Happy Birthday dear blog :))

    That cupboard is gorgeous, I would definitely have welcomed it into my own home with open arms ;) I am a charity/second hand shop addict and my partner Chris and me are often been seen lugging various, previously unloved, pieces of furniture (amongst other things) up the road back home :)

    Small worn pencils show that they are hard workers... I know yours have worked to create such beauty.

    To chose from your prints.. ah that is not easy... but I think it would have to be 'Wishing on a Blue Moon' for the magical hares have such a hold on my heart, and that image makes me want to go out and gaze upon the moon :)

    Best Wishes
    Tanith x

  62. Your cupboard is a lovely find. We don't have charity shops like that in Canada.

    I found my way here via Acorn Moon
    and I will return.

    My favourite print is Through the Forest,such a magical dreamscape.does it illustrate a story?

  63. Amazing find!

    Happy bloggversary!

    I love your work and I came here to rest ma eyes and ears (love your playlist too).
    hard to choose fav print, but this fow's eyes are stunning (Clothed In Silver)

  64. How can you make people choose from your beautiful artwork? ;-) If I had space in my house, I'd love to display loads of your divinely dreamy magical images, but for the purpose to enter your competition I choose the Magic Cat, only because I love cats and your magic cat speaks to me ;-) x

  65. I love them all but I guess my favorite for today is "Owl". Congrats on your blogaversary!
    Nancy Scott (nanakin1)

  66. I'm so glad I found your blog and lovely artwork. Happy blogaversary! If I have to choose one, I'd love Through the Forest, but all of your works are just wonderful!
    ~ Iva

  67. Happy 2-year blogiversary!!
    My favourite print is "Beyond the Gate"!

  68. I am torn between the owl and Beyond the Gate, but I think probably Beyond the Gate just slips in first! Your pictures are all very beautiful, though.

    Pomona x

  69. This giveaway is much too difficult! I didn't think I could pick only one. I chose Wishing on a Blue Moon. It is the piece that first attracted me your shop and then to your blog.

  70. I love your blog, its so beautiful! Happy blogaversary! Your new banner looks fab, I had a hard time choosing my favourite print , but it had to be 'Through the Forest ' it makes me believe in magic again and dream :)

  71. Wearing a Robe of Gold is just awesome. !

    Fox is one of my life long animal totems and red foxes have always been extra special as they remind me of the Petit Prince story.

    I know it isn't in your shop yet so... I would deliriously happy with Cloaked in Silver as well :)

  72. Ooh so hard to pick a favourite! But I do love the Magic Cat just for being kooky, magical and colourful.

  73. Ooooh I do love a giveaway (and wooden furniture)!
    My favourite is Clothed in Silver:

  74. What a wonderful blog! It's not often I find an artist whose work I love in its entirety but yours I do... (I know that makes me sound really obsequious, but if you knew me, you'd know I'm just honest!)

    If I HAD to choose, it would be 'They Came to Listen'. If I don't win, I'll be buying it anyway! :o)

    Thank you for this competiton!

  75. Forgot to say, the sideboard/cupboard is lovely! I'm always browsing the charity shops here in Kent, mainly for books and baby stuff - have no room for furniture, sadly...

  76. Happy Birthday, Moonlight and Hares!

    I think my favorite (though it is hard to choose) is "Owl." It's so vibrant with its beautiful images.

    I never underestimate the power of the pencil and always have one handy in case I get inspired and must write no matter what.

  77. Karen!

    Ah, the real question is what do you plan on doing with the cupboard?

    Do you have anything specific to go inside of it yet or is it purely for decoration?


  78. Almost forgot!

    The best prints are "The Owl" and "The Kind Lion".

    They're both good so I'm not choosing one over the other unless my name is picked! LOL

    Happy birthday to your blog too!


  79. How cruel, asking us to choose a favourite!

    I am torn between 'A Secret' and 'Wishing on a Blue Moon'. It's hard to explain but when I look at them, my mouth does that same thing that happens just before you eat a sherbert lemon :-)

    You have such a rare and beautiful talent.


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