Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Thursday post

It seems to be coming a bit of a habit that Thursday is the day when I write on here. This is not intended, but just seems to happen?
The week has scurried, swept and flown by yet again....
So, its Thursday and as yet I haven't finished the picture I've been working on to show you.
Until I have, (which will hopefully be tommorow or the next day) I thought I'd show some things that I bought at our local car boot sale last sunday.

I spied with my little eye these ....

How beautiful! And a bargain just 50p for the whole lot! I love the the way they all fit inside one another so perfectly and the colours remind me of being fascinated by the beauty of oil speckled puddles as a child.

I also bought this mug. It says 'Cheshire cats always grin'
And here is one of my own cheshire cats posing appropriately for the picture.
I think he could have got a role in Twilight with those teeth!

I 'll be back soon with pictures of pictures :)


  1. The shells are very cool especially how they fit inside one another. love the iradecent? glow on them
    Very cool cat! and great shot/moment

  2. Oh for the day that I can have a cat of my own! The more I see of them, the more I want one in my life. Nice capture of that yawn!

  3. Your cat is lovely xxx

  4. what a wonderful find, i love those amazing colours in abalone shells, have never seen a whole nest of them before! the weeks sue do hurry by dont they, cant believe its may day tomorrow!! looking forward to your "pictures"

  5. Wow those shells are stunning, what a find!! Beautiful colours in them.
    And how perfect is that piccie, cheshire cat mug and your own cheshire cat doing what they do best! :D

  6. Oh I love those shells, what a gorgeous find:)
    And your cat made me laugh, how long did you have to wait to get that shot? LOL

  7. stunning photos :)

    your blog is very beautiful!!


  8. I grew up on a small island and saw many of these beautiful abalone shells. People often made them into wonderful jewellery such as earings and they reflected the light so beautifully. I love your cat photo!


  9. Julia-
    Funny thing, I didn't have to wait at all for the shot, he yawned immediately! Probably thought "here she goes again! taking yet ANOTHER picture of me" He does love to pose! Whereas his sister is always on the go,too busy to stop for anything.

    Thankyou :)

  10. Hi Karen,
    Love your photos. I am very fond of ginger cats they have lovely natures. I use to have one called Spice.
    Your shells are probably all the way from New Zealand. I have a few Paua shells too. I bought them when I lived there. The shells are everywhere in NZ and used a lot in Arts and Crafts.

  11. I love those shells too! I can't get enough pebbles and shells, I have bowls and bowls of them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been painting!x

  12. Hi Karen, I've awarded you the Spiritual Art blog award, if you want to come pick it up. :-)

  13. Karen, take a look at my latest post please, theres something for you

    leanne x

  14. 50p for all??? A steal, for certain. Think of all your can do with these! Lucky girl.

    Love your cat, and funnily enough, I just posted a cheshire cat of my own today.

  15. I just found your blog, and I love it! You have some beautiful art work, and interesting posts.

    Thanks for sharing with us! I'm definitely a new follower :)

  16. Love the shells, love the cat-those teeth are amazing !

  17. The shells are beautiful. The picture of your cat with the mug is so funny. He looks like he is laughing!

  18. Karen!

    Those metal dishes made me think of oil puddles too! Really neat looking.

    Whoa, watch out for your cat. I guess after reading the mug it's clear that feline can't take a joke!


  19. Amazing Tiger-cat =^.^=

  20. The Abalone shells are so beautiful. I once had just such a set that I had collected one by one in my walks along the beach where we lived in central California. Life happens, and so they were lost along the way.... Thank you for sharing yours!


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