Monday, April 20, 2009

In shady leafy places

Down at the bottom of the garden where sunlight is dappled through prickly holly branches. There is a quiet place. Our tiny piece of woodland. Several years ago whilst on holiday in north Wales, we visited Tyl Hyll the Ugly House, and here I fell in love with its enchanted leafy wooded garden, with its mossy covered stones and uncurling ferns. I have slowly since, bit by bit, been trying to recapture the feeling of the place here.

At this time of year our little patch of earth becomes magical. Transformed by pink ,white and blue bells, spotted leaves of lungwort and one of my favourite wild roadside flowers cow parsley.
We think it is definitely home to tiny people. Lets go and take a look.....

Two little houses fit for faeries.....

With faerie furniture....

Walls papered with petals and floors carpeted with skeleton leaves......

We (littlest hobbit and I) had a lovely relaxing time, making these during the two weeks off school. And are now rather hoping that something or someone might come and take up residence?....

The holidays are finished and it was back to school today. If this weather stays, I think I shall be working outside tommorow.


  1. Your woodland garden is lovely, I have an area like this as well though it doesn't have little faery houses - they are so pretty. I think maybe one or two will appear in my garden too. I know cow parsley as Queen Ann'e Lace - it's lovely whatever it's called.

  2. I love those fairy houses and the setting is just right.

  3. How enchanting, such a lovely magical little place, thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely lovely - your hobbit(s) are very fortunate to have a mum that can do that sort of a 'be with'.

  5. Your garden looks magical, I am sure that the fairies will appreciate such a place.

  6. These pictures and your little faerie houses speak to me of my childhood, when I'd be fascinated with a tiny patch of garden such as you've created.

    Heck, what am I talking about? It still speaks to me, even now.

    I never made a house for faeries, but I did leave them cheese and milk to partake in, at the bottom of my wardrobe. Why I thought they'd go hang out there, I have no idea!

  7. Such a whimsical entry! Lovely photographs; makes me wish I could visit your tiny piece of woodland.

  8. What a lovely post - just magical! I used to make fairy houses too, and I absolutely love woodland like this. I have a small patch of bluebells here and there is nothing quite like that colour to lift the spirits .... and encourage the fairies!

    Willow xx

  9. I do love a woodland garden. Especially ones with little houses fit for faeries! I bet your little hobbit was thrilled at making these with you. Please let us know if any little creature decides to take up residence!

  10. How clever of you to recapture the similar feeling of the woodland! The little fairy house looks enchanting.It's so lovely it needs a little resident! My daughter made something very similar over the holidays too, she made a house for her and her friend's 'red noses' (from Red Nose day) to live in, out of a box and various other things. Not quite the magic of yours, but still very sweet!x

  11. Oh what a lovely Mummy making such a beautiful fairy house...I would have loved one of those as a child I was convinced that there were fairies in my parents garden and pixies of course....

  12. i had a dream about a little egg just like this one last night!!.. the bottom was broken out an everything..
    oddly i just posted about it on my blog and then
    wandered to your blog from "fairysteps" to find the picture!
    i love your blog! hoot hoot

  13. No doubt the faeries are sleeping there tonight.

  14. How lovely - your woodland garden looks like the perfect setting for your beautiful faery house.

  15. Your blog gets magicaler and magicaler, I love your little woody bluebell dell and your enchanting fairy lodgings x

    Thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog

  16. I love it! So pretty, and such a good idea with the fairy houses, simply enchanting!
    I planted some bluebell bulbs, but they are not flowering yet!

    Take Care

  17. Thanks for your comments :)

    The houses were so enjoyable to make. Very relaxing sat at the bench in the greenhouse, door open, birds singing chattting away about this and that with my 11 year old. :)

  18. Your playlist opened as I read your post and I was taken to an enchanted place. The pictures are wonderful,I love your garden(bluebells are a favorite of mine) what a magical place to be. Your Faeries are very lucky little people.
    Look forward to your next post.
    Warm wishes

  19. Hi Karen,
    I see you are a fairy fan like me.;)
    Your fairy houses are magical and I love your illustrations too. Very special work!
    If you have a moment take a look at my blog and web site.
    Best fairy wishes!

  20. Beautiful fairy houses - aah! How delightful your woodland garden is. Denise x

  21. love your magical garden & wee faerie houses!beautiful. my girls & i would make tiny places for wee folks too, when they were younger.

  22. You have a very magical spot there! I think the little folk will love the house you made for them, its so charming, and comfortable looking! What a great place to go sit and reflect.

  23. oh so pretty! i love/adore those little fairy huts! oh, if only i had those too! :)

  24. oh i want to build a faerie house tOO! <3


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