Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blue and Paws for Charity

I have been immersed in blue this week.
Blue paint for walls in the bedroom...

Blue forgetmenots in flower, in the garden......

Blue cornflowers that I have given a head start in the green house......

Blue beads bought with the intention of making myself a new necklace to wear....

A blue book I've been reading in the bath....

And the beautiful moon in a blue tinged twilight sky, last night's view from our garden.....

I do so love blue.

The children finished school for their Easter break, so not alot of drawing or painting of pictures has taken place. So, let me tell you a tale of something that begun a little while ago....

A couple of months ago a lady named Sara Harley contacted me and asked me if I would like to submit a picture of a cat or dog for a charity book called 'PAWS FOR CHARITY' It was to be produced in aid of breast cancer. I submitted my Magic Cat picture......

and a few weeks later was lucky enough to be chosen to be included in the book. Please stop by at Sara's blog to hear about the artists that are involved and of course to see the book which is available to buy at Blurb. It is filled with beautiful pictures of cats and dogs, and money raised from the book will go to a Breast Cancer Charity that does not use animals in their testing.

If I don't manage to get on here again before Sunday, then I wish everyone that stops by and reads here a very Happy Easter! x


  1. Happy Easter Karen, congratulations on your cat submission. I am sure the book will raise lots of money for a very worthy cause.

  2. You have the most beautiful, inspirational blog. Your magic cat is gorgeous. Happy Easter to you.

  3. Blue is my favourite colour so I have really enjoyed your post! Your cat picture is very beautiful and will be a great contribution to the book. Have a wonderful Easter!


  4. that was very generous of you Karen! lets hope the cat is doing some magic!

    (surprisingly quite a few charities test on animals!)

    Blue is one of my favourite colours too!

  5. Congratulations X:-) Beautiful images and beautiful music X:-)

  6. Happy Easter..what a great cause!

  7. Beautiful color post. Makes me feel all serene and... watery...? :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter as well.

  8. Happy Easter and great shades of healing blues.

  9. Happy Easter Karen and great news on the book x

  10. Oh the Magic Cat is perfect! Congratulations for being chosen and bravo for being willing to take part in such a worthwhile endeavour.

    So many wonderful colours of blue here! Do show a photo of the room when the painting is done!

    And, a most Happy Easter weekend to you!

  11. i love blue too, great images. have a very happy easter x

  12. Happy Easter and well done on being included in the calendar :)

    Kim x

  13. That pot of blue paint has me drooling! It must have been totally joyous to decorate with that colour. Many congratulations being picked for the book, the magic cat will be a great addition!x

  14. Blue & flying mice, an excellent posting.
    Happy days,
    p.s. still waiting for your feet...

  15. Lovely lovely lovely :o)
    I once had a big blue thing when I was expecting my fisrt child. I painted and dyed everything madonna blue incuding my then university professor husband's shirts :o/ he was not impressed.

  16. What a wonderful thing to have happen to magic cat! And so generous of you too.

    What a beautiful blue serenade you have given us, thank you!

  17. ave two copies of the book and am about to order some more hard covers.
    i love your Magic Cat!


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