Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dreams, Owls And A Sleeping Heart

I had the most amazing dream the other night. I was flying.
I've often dreamed I was flying, but in past dreams it has felt a bit of a struggle, as though I am swimming in the sky doing breaststroke and if I don't keep moving my arms, then I tend to gradually fall to the ground. But this latest dream was different. I was soaring and speeding with ease like a bird. Darting low through forests then high up to the clouds. Everything was so clear and felt so real that when I woke up I was smiling, I'm sure, as I felt so happy. I hope I get this dream again soon :)
The week so far has been filled with both dry and drizzly days

And an apple day.....

Thank you to everyone that left comments on the last post. Its the first time I have taken part in anything like that and it was such fun to do! And Thank you to Vanessa for organising it!

Still on the seasonal 'Magical' theme I have been busy with these two....

Two large barn owl hangers. I have named them Magic and Merlin.
Merlin is pale with blue eyes...

You probably know already from previous posts that I love owls.
A little while back in the summer time I had the chance to get up close to some....

One flew so near, its wing brushed my hair. Amazing!

Both owl hangers will be listed in Etsy later, along side this 'Sleeping' painted heart.


  1. The owls are all wonderful (real and wooden!)and I love flying dreams they are always the best!

  2. I always look forward to your posts, Karen, as I know they'll always be full of magic and resonance. I also have an affinity with owls and it seems that most of us kindred souls do. I am also quite certain that my Mr Fenwick's animal spirit is an owl. And, perhaps, your flying dream is revealing your own owl spirit, journeying with you through the windows of night. I love your latest work! Wishing you all that you wish for. xx

  3. The things you create and write about are magical Karen and your blog is an enchanting world to visit. I love stepping in for a bit of magic! Thank you!

  4. I adore your owls and "sleeping" heart, Karen. It's been a while since I've had a flying dream like that, but they never really leave you...

  5. I can never get over how beautiful your art is... It just hits this special dream-song note. Owls are such magical creatures... However, only ones I know of in my town I've come to hate... I'm very sorry to say such a thing, but they are screech owls and find their pleasure in never letting me sleep. You cannot believe how passionate I am when I say that you are REALLY LUCKY to have that dream. Anyway... Lovely post!

  6. Beautiful! Both owls and the sleeping heart!! :)

  7. beautiful the owls and your work

  8. Hi Karen,
    Lovely to see you again!;)
    Thank you for your visit and kind words...
    We did not go into the Red Lion, I keep meaning to go in for a drink. I will certainly visit it, now I know it is haunted... I'm a member of the National Trust, so I like to visit Avebury often.;)
    Your post has some real Autumn magic. Such lovely images. I think we like the same little, wild creatures. The owls are stunning and they are so silent when they fly. I had an owl swoop past me once, too, in the woods. You never forget an experience like that... Just wonderful!
    Have a great week as well and Happy Halloween!:)

  9. Hello Karen,

    Your owls are just lovely. All of your work has such a dreamy, magical quality to it. I am happy to say that my beautiful fox arrived safe and sound, and he proudly adorns the entrance to my living room (I've deemed him a protector of sorts!). He is truly exquisite. :) Theresa

  10. Your Owl hangers are lovely. The names fit them perectly.

  11. The owls are beautiful - both the real ones and the hangers. The photo of the hawthorn berries and raindrops is rather magical too.

  12. Lovely, lovely piccies. Owls are just so gorgeous!

  13. oh so beautiful, my dear! and that sounds like a wonderful dream. i love dreaming of flying, i feel free, even if i'm only doing it inside my mind. and that heart is so lovely, you are so talented :) i adore your blog, truly i do. <3

  14. What a lovely dream! I think your owls are so lovely, they could even be my favourites of yours so far.I love the way you attch little pretty dangly things to them, it really makes them transform into the magical.xx

  15. Nice shots, Karen!

    I hope you have that flying dream again too!


  16. A beautiful dream. Dreaming of flying means you are independent and free or you are working towards your freedom. The easier your flight the more free you are. I too have flown many times in sleep. Funny how sleeping heart is part of this. Lovely. Just lovely.
    bunny hugs,

  17. ...Everything you do is so beautiful Karen...I love owls as well, thier stillness and contemplative attitude...I wonder what they are thinking?

  18. Karen:

    Don't you just love dreams that allow you to wake up with a smile? Imagine, flying with the owls...lightly dodging tree branches. How glorious.

    I adore your new owls. I must say, my daughter would be infatuated with them, especially the darker eyed one. He does look a wee bit like Hedwig!

    Gerushia's New World

  19. I love it when you can wake & remember a dream & it was a good one. I believe that dreaming of flying free mean something is going well in your life right now. i hope so. Beautiful owl photos, they are such mystical, magical creatures. *ruthie*

  20. I have "stumbled" upon your site and I am sooo glad I did! Moonlight and hares, what could be lovelier! Beautiful work.

  21. What a beautiful dream; I want to dream it too! :D
    Lovely owl photos & paintings.

  22. Thank you all! Such lovely kind words.xxxxx
    I'm hoping to have the dream again soon, but dreams like that do not come along often. I'll wait in hope :)

  23. last night i had a memorable dream about an owl. while looking up interpretations, i came upon your blog. i just wanted to let you know that i find your work beautiful & enchanting. here's to many more sweet flying dreams!


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