Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magic And A Strange Spider

At twilight now, I can smell the scent of woodsmoke in the air and when darkness falls, the sky is indigo and the moon so bright I have felt that I wanted to go outside and capture extra hours in the day.Everywhere you look there seems to be hints of magic....

Mother nature weaves her spells with a wave of her wand.

I stole some of this magic, and brewed it....

into a little book that I decorated and will now fill with all things that are magic to me...

There has been more wood cutting and having a go at some very small aceo sized October'y' pictures.....


And the strangest of spiders discovered......


  1. Wow, that is one awesome spider! And I loved seeing the photo of the cauldron at Laycock Abbey -- I was just there on holiday about a month ago.

  2. What a gorgeous picture of those berries. And I love that magic book and your little animals pics!

  3. Such beautiful photos. Yikes, that spider is almost too spider-y!

    How are you doing with the ACEO size work? I've made over 200 ACEO pieces, but lately, I like to work in 4" x 6". Are you enjoying the smaller format art?

    Gerushia's New World
    (Formerly Garden Painter Art)

  4. Hello Karen,

    Lovely photos! I am so in love with all the small animal paintings. They're so lovely. That is such an unusual spider...interestingly enough, it didn't frighten me as spiders normally do.


  5. Yes, magic EVERYWHERE! :-)
    And I loooove that spider!

  6. Karen i do so love to read your posts, they are very captivating. That spider is certainly not like any i have seen. Happy October :)

  7. Lovely Aceos! I saw a real hare today! I'm so thrilled about it because we don't see them very often in these parts. It was nibbling some grass in a field next to 2 magpies - I'm sure it's a lucky sign! A lovely magical post (and I know that cauldron!)xx

  8. Truly magical pictures, I love them :)

  9. Oh yes! We've got some of those flat spiders too - most strange!
    Your paintings are truly beautiful, and the book looks as though it should open up and all kinds of mysterious things will fly out!
    Lovely, thank you.
    Denise x

  10. Such delicious autumnal photographs. Magic is most certainly in the frosty air,isn't it?

  11. you have captured magics of the season. your aceos are charming!

  12. Great post. Wonderful images.

  13. Magical indeed, glorious choices made, colours from plump then shrivelling fruits, and your book... I wonder if you'll let any of us look inside.

  14. Karen your choice of photos are amazing and your playlist kicks in when visitors scroll down and see the window and cauldron - totally enhancing the feel of magic in your blog. It's a magical place to wintry and cozy...Where's the it coming back to your blog?? I loved that so so much:))

  15. Thank you all for such kind words. You are true kindred spirits! :)

    Geruisha's new world....
    I've never done aceo's before. I naturally work bigger, finding it quite hard with detail on smaller things. But its a good way of working faster on ideas that then could progress onto a bigger painting. And I might get some good aceos to sell?

    Thank you :)
    I'm not sure if it is a spider now, I loked in my book and it looks as if it might be a Harvestman?

    How wonderful to see that hare! I'm very envious. And yes, everyone seems to know the cauldron ;)

    I'm sure I'll let you peep in the book sometimes ;)

    Ha ha.. yes, I will be hopefully getting the snow back. Not yet though :)


  16. Oh my gosh, your blog is one of THE most amazxing and magical I have EVER seen; I'm totally entranced. Keep up the great work. I also want to invite you to follow my blog;

  17. I am in love with that wonderful picture, your home looks so interesting...lost in time...have a good H

  18. Beautiful, beautiful: captures this time of year perfectly!

  19. I love your blog, very enchanting and Magical!
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. I don't think I've seen a spider like that before. Do you suppose he's stretching? Love the ACEOs. They really have the feel of autumn, which seems to have passed us by.

  21. came across your enchanting blog today... pure enchantment! i'll be following for certain. :)

  22. my my, this is such a wondrous post :) i truly do adore it, it's wonderful. all these magical little pictures. that spider is horrendous! - an arachnophobic's words. <3

  23. I just love this time of year, and your photos capture it magically. Enjoy the wild and the wonderful. xx

  24. beautiful photos.. grew up close to Lacock.. bliss to re-live.. Helen

  25. What gorgeous ACEOs!

    I was going to google that spider, then I remembered all the scary pics that come up when I do that... so... I didn't... LOL!

  26. P.S. Do you ever trade ACEOs? Like an ATC? If not, how does one get one of those gorgeous ACEOs?

  27. Such lovely comments.... Thankyou all and hello to any new followers, you are very welcome :)

    Bunny kissed....
    Any aceosI create will be available to buy in my etsy shop.


  28. The October-y pictures are beautiful, really evocative of the season.

  29. Such a lovely post. I love the smell of woodblocks in the fireplace in autumn. So much. Gives me a warm and safe feeling. Autumn is a very magical season i think. And i love your magic book as well. Your art also warms my heart.

    Sweet greetz from Holland!

  30. This post is so magical Karen - I am entranced by the experience each time I visit - like opening a book of fairytales ...

    Jeanne x

  31. karen, i am loving the wee prints, they have a real autumy magic about them, so does your book. *ruthie*

  32. I love your animals.... Happy Halloweeen...

    Visit my party post too....


  33. I am so glad to have found your website and your blog. I first saw your work in the form of Roger LaBorde cards and fell in love with the world you had created. Searching for some more glimpses of it led me to a long and fruitless search over the Net until now!

    Thank you for sharing your sights, sounds and colours, and all best wishes to you ^_^


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