Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Rather Strange Gathering.....

Let me take you with me
On a little journey,
Forward in time,
To the very last day of October,

Several spins of little Hobbits Time Turner should do the trick.... *
* * *

October 31st, Samhain, All Hallows Eve otherwise known as Halloween, when strange happenings can take place.
Sometimes right under your own nose.

In the half light, a buttery milk moon glowed above the trees.

Moon shadows and the gentle rustlings of leaves on the path hid whisperings in the stillness.
Was that hushed talk near by.

I Peeped through the shed keyhole, but saw nothing.

Did the key hole remarkably resemble an owls eye? Or was this strange night playing tricks?
I walked around the back of the shed and look what I saw!....

I crept closer keeping in the shadows, so as not to be seen.

There were creatures, a meeting, a party? Some kind of gathering.

An owl...

Fairy folk of of old...

Tree spirits...
And a hare that was reading a book....

On the table there were bottles with what looked like potions or lotions.
Leaves and seeds and berries that were as red as cherries.

As I watched the hare began to read from the book....
A charm, an incantation, enchantment or spell....

It seemed to be directed at the horse chestnut!?

Just at the moment when things began to take on a strange illuminating glow...

I stepped back onto a twig that snapped!
I was heard and the spell was broken.
I'm sure they didn't see me as I ran away quickly, but they looked.

I know they did, as I felt them watching.
Alchemists?... but what were they up to?

As I walked back up the garden path in the moonlight. I spun the time turner once more, forward one hour.

And look what was waiting on my doorstep when I got there...

Hmmm... Could this have once been a horse chestnut do you suppose? ;)

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  1. What a lovely adventure I've had in here! That little hobbits time turner is particularly fine... Come over to my party for more treats...

  2. Oh, how lovely this was!!! Such beautiful photos and such a mysterious magical tale! Thank you for sharing. :) Theresa

  3. What fun to catch a glimpse of the magickal witchy hare and friends conjuring up mischief! A beautiful party!

  4. oooooHH, i loved this post! ♥♥♥♥

  5. How delicious! Spooky goodness and fabulous photos :)

  6. What a great post and a really magical adventure.

  7. Lovely Karen, Happy Halloween and don't forget to stop by :)

  8. Wonderful! Does it have to be cooked and eaten before midnight? Or is woodland magic stronger than the faeries'? I think it is- I also think I'll probably have to acquire my pumpkin in a more mundane manner!

  9. Thank you for this wunderful fairy

  10. that was so atmospheric that I shivered

  11. Wonderful! Like being transported to another land...

    Be sure to stop by my place for more partying. :)

  12. Very Magical. Lindax
    Please drop by

  13. Oh oh oh wonderful hon!! Beautifully done! I love the sweet rabbit..knew you might have one!!
    Thank you for hosting..come by and visit mine!! Happy Halloween, Sarh

  14. Muwahahahahahaha!

    Ooooo I love this story and the time turner! And the music set the mood perfectly! Thank you for a hauntingly good party!

    I'm visiting from Beyond to celebrate the spookiest Halloween blog party ever! I hope you are having a fang-tastic time today! You are cordially invited to share in the celebration at my party HERE. I do hope you'll stop by!

    Have a spook-tacular day!

  15. great post - love your story :D

    the time turner is awesome :D

  16. Happy Halloween Party to you! :)

  17. Wonderful Party Post! Loved the magical tale! Thanks!

    Happy Halloween!

  18. What a fun little tail, I mean tale you've woven...simple divine!

    xoxo Cori

  19. *squuueeesss* What a delightful post! So Enchanting!
    I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
    Be Enchanted!

  20. delightful! beautifully narrated with gorgeous images.
    thank you for the invitation, and stop by my house if you can :D

  21. Deeeeeeelightful! Now, your art...
    FABULOUS!!!! Seriously excellent.
    Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare!
    **kisskiss** Deborah

  22. I adore the last photo...the simple yet curious pumpkin.

    Hop over to my blog for more party fun!

    Gerushia's New World

  23. A fanciful journey! Thank you for taking me along. Wonderful pictures, too. Have a magical weekend! Twyla

  24. Thanks for inviting me to your wonderful party. Really enchanting!

  25. Thanks for inviting me to your party, I do apologize for arriving late but I'm having a ton of fun.

  26. Hi, Great Halloween post! Wonderful Halloween pics! Happy Halloween to you!

  27. FINALLY fell asleep at someone's party last back to make rounds again today...

    Thank you for the glad you left the decorations up for me!

    Please stop by and see my creative offerings for the party...they're still up, too!

  28. Love, love LOVE your party! Great photos!
    Happy Halloween:)

  29. What a great story, the music sure set the tale..come on over to my party when you have time.

  30. A delightful story! Thanks for having us stop by and thanks for visiting my own little party.
    I visited your etsy as well and browsed among your artwork - beautiful!

  31. Magical and fun time-travelling story!

  32. Thank you so much for a fabulous adventure. Great party!!
    Stop by mine

  33. Wow, a beautiful and enchanting part. You have captured my romantic heart.

  34. How enchantingly beautiful your party is...I love all the soft candlelight...Happy Halloween!!

  35. You and I were on the exact same wavelength!!! Albeit, spookier and more enticing for me at your place!! I LOVE it!!

    Bwuahahahaaaa, thank you for being a delightful part of the festivites!

  36. Great photos! Loved it :) If you haven't stopped for a visit, hop on your broom and come to my party!


  37. What fun, love your post! It was a great visit! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Autumn

  38. Hi!
    What a lovely adventure!
    Very Magical.
    Happy Halloween!Booooooooooooo

  39. Beautiful paintings! Luv the tree spirit;)

  40. Gorgeous and magical entry...I thank you for this.

    ~ Misha/DawaiOser

  41. You take me places and spaces I otherwise would never go, a dull, unimaginative old crone I! What fun and you did it beautifully. I may attempt to do something myself... ;-)

  42. Beautiful pics! So enchanting!!!

  43. eeeeek - you know what scared me the most? the music! It started playing a while after your spooky post loaded. Eeeeek! It's night in Sweden and I'm scared!

    .oOo.☆♥ Maria-Thérèse parties at ♥☆.oOo.


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