Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Hearts

We had been hoping and watching the skies. Crossing our fingers and toes. Listening to the weather forecast and sniffing the air.
And at last... we have some snow!!! :) :) :)
You have probably gathered that we like snow in this house.... very much!

Yesterday I spent many many moments just gazing out of the window watching it fall.
And walking outside letting the snowflakes settle in my hair and on my eyelashes.

When the children came home from school, we stayed out until twilight having snowball fights and throwing snowballs for Jasper our cat to chase. Its the first time he had seen snow and absolutely loved it. He used his paws to push the snow like a snow plough then would suddenly jump up and charge around the garden excitedly. (I wish I had caught him on camera)

Its cold, but we are happy.

Whilst not playing or looking out of windows, I have been doing these.....
More wooden hearts that will be listed on Etsy shortly.
These however are not hand painted, but are decorated with printed imagery from cards I have illustrated in the past. I'm afraid the hand painted ones are so time consuming I have decided to only do them very occasionally.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. We've had a bit of snow now too! (But rapidly disappearing as I write this.)I love that picture of the path leading up to your house, how lovely it must be in real life. I'm off to Etsy now to get a closer look at those beautiful hearts.x

  2. Beautiful snow photos and lovely hearts. I was thrilled to see Through the Forest in your etsy mini! I'm so looking forward to its arrival! :-)

  3. Love the snow pics !! Love the snow - but we've had sooo much 7' - am ready for a bit less! I adore your hearts - darling!!!

  4. we have had snow in yorkshire too and Polly and I had a lovely day at home with her friend Izzy drinking hot chocolate eating cake and knitting...bliss...are your hearts on etsy yet?I love them...

  5. Blowing a gale in Spain. You do beautiful artwork.

  6. I love the pictures of the snow. Ours has finally melted. The hearst are very sweet.

  7. We had snow for a day here too...it was lovely to watch it falling, so exciting! LOL
    I haven't really seen this much snow in years...Cornwall hardly gets any:)

    Those hearts are just gorgeous!
    Btw, do you list anything on the UK sites such as 'Folksy' or 'Corriandr'?

  8. How very fortunate you are to have snow! It's falling outside my window at the moment, but not the kind to stick, I'm afraid! I do love snow and how it alters the light and sound of the world.

    Also love your Valentine hearts!!

  9. Your post is really lovely, especially with your wonderful music and snowflakes. I have always enjoyed snow - it's like a peaceful blanket covering the earth and it makes everything look beautiful. Enjoy!


  10. I'm from Ontario Canada and we have snow!1 I have to dig paths for my little dogs to walk in. I love your art and the hearts are beautiful.

  11. Ah, the persuit of snow! We were the same. It fell like mad a mile inland and onwards. But being practically on the beach it just wouldn't stay. Maybe next time.

  12. Have come to you via another blog...... what beautiful, wistful artwork. Truly lovely. x


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