Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love is in the air

Phew... Am I glad to have finished these Valentine hearts!
I'm not very fond of fiddly things!
I'm pleased I did them, its something that I haven't done before and variety is the spice of life... so they say... And, of course it all helps to keep that old wolf from tapping on my door!
Many of these are now hanging for sale in a local shop that I sell to.

Then I had a go at some individual ones.....

I enjoyed these more, but still fiddly. Hmmm....maybe I should get my eyes tested?
These in the bottom photo will be listed later this evening on Etsy.

Its been a beautiful day here with the bluest skies.
A robin flew across and sat himself merrily on the hawthorn branch as I was pegging my washing out. I'm sure he was speaking to me, he came so close. I think he was telling me about the beautiful white maidens that have appeared...



  1. These are lovely, my favorite is the unicorn. :-)
    You have flowers up already? Lucky you, we are still in the grip of winter here.

  2. I can't believe you have snow drops ...I love them ...they are so beautiful...and I love your hearts...I collect hearts as my studio and whole philosophy of teaching is based on love...we have a circle of love at the start of lessons, boiled sweets of love when children are good and lolly pops of love ( which are quite famous now) for very very good work...we also have the stick of love...which isn't always loving..I use it on occasion to poke children who need to get on...in a loving way of course...so I shall be tootling to your shop as soon as your hearts get on Etsy...happy tuesday...Helen

  3. Those hearts are beautiful! I love things like that :)

    And the snowdrops! It's funny I was trying to think of a painting I could use snowdrops in just the other day! :)

  4. Those hearts are lovely, do you have any with hares on them? we've got snowdrops and the start of daffs coming through too. There again, i had a single rose on xmas day, can you believe it? the seasons're all to pot or so it seems. I keep on telling myself "it must be nearly spring",and almost convince myself that it is as i look out of the window at the glorious bright sunshine, then i put my foot out of the door to bring coal in and it freezes on contact with the outside air. You know it's bad when the cold sort of stings your nose and throat when you breathe, Brr. I'm off to dig out some extra blankets! xXx

  5. How lovely hearts! And snowdrops already? I can dream only about spring - first snowdrops will start here after 2,5 months...
    Have a nice creative week!

  6. I never get tired of visiting your blog...It is a pleasure to the senses!!

  7. I'm off to visit your shop on Etsy! Sorry, can't stay, gotta go. I'm loving your music too. x

  8. These hearts are just wonderful, I like all of them!

  9. Really gorgeous hearts, the unicorn is special, but he's sold :( Not surprised. Make more!

  10. What a lovely post. Are the second paintings painted on the heart, or are they prints glued on. It looks like painted.

    I love them and will be anxiously looking at Etsy later.



  11. Thankyou all, for your kind words about the hearts. I'll see if I can fit a few more in sometime soon?
    Renee.. Yes, they are all handpainted originals :)

    We always seem to get spring flowers up early here. I've also noticed celandines in the lane too.

  12. I love your new Valentines. And you are so fortunate to have snowdrops!! We are still in the midst of grey and brown here! But, hopeful.

  13. Ah, your hearts are fabulous! (all gone? I'm missing out in my bloggy remiss-ed-ness of the past month).

  14. These hearts are lovely - and is that another hare one I spot - where can I buy him from?? please please x

  15. ah they are so cute~
    i wish i had them,,
    though we don't really "celebrate" valentines day here in korea.
    beautiful work:)
    i love the snow drops!

  16. oh goodness, add me to the list of those who missed out on the hearts. They are wonderful!


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