Sunday, August 24, 2008

Odds And Ends

Time has ticked and tocked away so fast. The apples are nearly ripe, and School holidays almost at a close. Between endless raindrops, hammerings of hail and forks of lightening, we've splashed about getting up to this and that.
We found treasures.

Followed paths.

And discovered wonderful art created by Maggie Taylor!

Had to take a couple of trinkets home of course! ( see below)
I am not going to be around next week. Instead will be sailing off to the island of Jersey. Hopefully the sun will come out from its long hibernation and much sea, sand and ice cream will be enjoyed!
Hmmm?!Fingers crossed! x


  1. The Maggie Taylor work looks amazing! Wishing you lots of sun and ice cream on Jersey!

  2. All fun! The path is most mysterious (one of my favorite motifs).

  3. Thanks for the award, have a lovely time in Jersey. Your finds look very interesting, I hope you are going to draw them!

  4. Oh, I have added you to my list of Splendid Locales! Edward and I do love coming here.

  5. Hope you have a lovely sunny time!

  6. Karen,thanks so much for my award! :) I feel very honoured to be awarded it by such a lovely artist! We had a fantastic time in St Ives thanks, - hope your Jersey holiday is wonderful too! x

  7. Hi, Nice to meet you thanks for stopping by my blog, your artwork is trully wonderful! magical .... I also like the artwork you found,
    See you again soon
    Priscilla x


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