Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hobbits And Lions

Now the school holidays are in full swing, I have been enjoying spending time with my two little Hobbits of the Shire! Mind you the eldest now 13 is not going to be a Hobbit for much longer as he is almost as tall as me . Yesterday we had an enjoyable day out at Bowood House near Calne.
Hobbits love it here as there is a great adventure playground, high rope walks and death slide. We did all that, then took a walk around the house and garden and found these wonderful stone statues.

Oh how I'd love these lions in my garden, especially the sleeping one. We had some fun making stories up about what these statues did at midnight, how they probably came to life and wandered down to the lake to drink in the moonlight??

My smallest hobbit couldn't resist getting in this last photo.


  1. Wonderful statues - I love the lions too. And the lady doing her Pilates exercises!


  2. Karen these statues made of stone are worthy of story book tales!
    I came in by way of Tara's as I read your comment re:
    printer shopping.
    I have a NEW printer that does everything but talk. I must admit though I have NOT yet mastered using all it's features.
    I bought a:
    HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-one..printer.fax.copier and scanner.
    good luck in your shopping. :)NG

  3. Karen thank you for your kind comments, I've added you as well. I do adore your work and your blog. You not only seem to love to play with fairy tales but with magical rabbits (and is that a magpie I see in one of your paitings?)
    anyway I'm enjoying my journey here very much! Thank you for leading me down the rabbit hole!


  4. Love the statuary.

    Your work is wonderful. I had a great time browsing your website. You seem to share my main passions - art and gardening :-) (I aquired chickens this year to add to it!)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Hi Karen!
    I arrived to your blog via Tara's. I like your illustration a lot. It looks to me very English which I apreciate in particular. I used to live in England for a while, I'm in love with Wiltshire!

    Congratulations for your work!


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