Friday, August 8, 2008

On A Dragonfly Hunt

Across green fields we walked, down to the river in search of dragonflies.
An amazing one had been spotted the day before near the garden, but the camera wasn't close at hand.

Peace, quiet, a swan, ducks and minnows, but alas no dragonfly!

So we wandered back home and found that nothing had changed since we left!

The bumble bees were busy

So we got busy too!


  1. Are they blackberries already? Wow! Lucky you if so. Mmmm, my favourite!

  2. Yes, they are blackberries, but the cultivated earlier variety that have gone wild and taken over our allotment. They are just as delicious though!

  3. Dragonflies are our state 'bug'. I frequently have them flying about the back yard.

  4. Gingers send their love to your wonderful ginger who looks so much like Maurice.
    We have been blackberrying too, especialy puppy Rosie who thinks they are so very good.


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