Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doors And Memories

I have always held a fascination with doors and doorways.
An entrance, a beginning, an ending, a close.
Locked doors with giant sized rusty keys, tiny doors with silver fairy keys, doors ajar, glimpses of light beneath. The secrets and expectations of whats behind them. Other worlds, a frosted moonlit garden, the milky way, a beaded veiled bedroom fit for a princess, a staircase, or maybe something more sinister. Doors feed my imagination.
I sometimes picture my own mind as an endless labyrinth of passages filled with doors of all shapes and sizes. The rooms or worlds behind them are filled with treasures of my memories.
Back home again and as the rain continues to endlessly fall, the island of Jersey has found a room of its own.
The floor is a carpet of fine white sand from Portelet bay, scattered with fairy sized shells from St Ouen's sand dunes.

There are Jersey cows, a speckled seagull that we seemed sure was following us from place to place.
Mont Orgueil Castle's wonderful wooden soldiers dwell here too, along with Kings and Queens.

A fairy bluebird, Lemurs and lots of other amazing sadly endangered creatures we were lucky to be able to get so close to at Durrell Wildlife. The 50p mugs of Bovril on sale at Rozel bay, along with my daughters squeals of delight as she won £75 at the camp site bingo.
And most definitely echoes and images of war time German occupied Jersey, at the War Tunnels.

With memories safely stored, its time to move on and look forward to the new one's that Autumn will bring? Crackling bonfires, baked potatoes, toasted marshmallows?
I love Autumn!


  1. Wow, what an enchanting looking place. Tell me more about the metal faces?

    And I totally agree about the doors... Keys too.

  2. Hello Tara,
    Yes,it certainly was a very enchanting place to be.I love castles and always feel at home in them.(born in the wrong time!)
    The metal faces are just a small shot of an amazing sculpture of the royal family tree connected with the castle.
    There were so many other wonderful sculptures there, and unfortunately I was unable to photograph as much as I'd have liked to, due to my camera messing me about. Very frustrating!

  3. You led me through wonderful doorways with this post. Thank you.

    I am assuming the Durrell wildlife center was named for Gerald? My Family And Other Animals remains one of my very favorite books.

    Welcome home, and here's to autumn.

  4. Yeah, I know about that 'born in the wrong time' thing (I just don't have such easy access to castles!!)

    Please post pictures for me as you can. :-)

  5. Hi Karen,Thanks for stopping by to say Hi and allowing me through the door to your world, it's lovely...I shall come again now I have the key.Best Wishes from Annie x

  6. A lovely post about a beautiful island. I remember the sand you describe so well and the German hospital which would send shivers down your spine.

  7. What a fantastic place. I have always wanted to visit Gerald Durrell's wildlife centre. I hope you had some sunshine!

    I too love doors and all their hidden meanings and possibilities.

  8. What an inspiring post! Jersey looks lovely and as for the door too!x

  9. Hello,
    Just popped over from Tara's blog.
    I love that polar bear with present and zebra illustration, is it for a poster or gift wrap I wonder?
    Lovely etsy creations as well.

  10. I just found you through Tara. I love doorways too. They seem so mystical. I can tell I'm going to have fun reading past posts!

  11. If you enjoy books like "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" and the Harry Potter series, may I suggest "Outcasts Of Skagaray" as a title you might enjoy? There are sample chapters on if you want a free preview.

  12. castles yes :) where are ours?

    I understand about the doors and magic keys, I get so excited when I find a blog like this because it feels like stepping through a door to your world ;)

  13. Hello Karen

    I'm doing a little blog-hopping (starting with Garden Hopping . . . jumping to Purple Podded Peas . . . and now to here).

    This comment isn't really to do with your post for today, not at all . . . but I went to your website through the sidebar and wanted to say how lovely your pictures are (which you will know so I'm not quite sure why I'm saying it! . . . but . . . )

    Lucy Corrander

  14. Thankyou everyone for all your lovely comments!
    I'm finding it hard to settle back down into routine since my little break. I blame it on the Autumn feeling in the air!I start to behave like a squirrel, gathering hedgerow harvest and preparing my nest for winter :)

  15. Hi Karen.

    I have done a little Etsy favourites showcase on my site with your shop, hope you like it.


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