Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sunshine, Flowers and Hares

It appears in summer I become a little flower obsessed. 
But then who doesn't, right? 
Sunshine and colour and little simple things make me happy.
The latest hares reflect the colour and sunny days of the season. I'm happy to announce that a long overdue shop update is scheduled for this Friday 29th June at 8pm (GMT)
Meadow hares and hedgerow hares will be leaping across to the shop and also some of the hares that I did previously that didn't sell at the gallery in Yorkshire will also be added along with some original paintings I've previously shared on posts here.
This time I decided to try something new and use the hanger designs also for postcards. Giving them a page from a botanical book type 'feel'. I think they work quite well? It also allows more people to be able to enjoy the designs, useful if the prices of original art are a little out of your reach. I've packaged them up in mixed bundles of six. Each pack having one of each design. They will be added during the shop update too. 
And it's never too late for some older designs to be turned into cards too. 
 I recently added an old favourite 'Starlight Hare' to the shop. 
Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Oh my goodness! They are all so beautiful! I'm thinking I need a brother or sister for the one I got from you last year. :-)

  2. so much beauty around in summer~ the flowers cheer my soul too! love with your wooden hares so detailed and beautiful! and the cards too ;) x

  3. who doesn't love flowers?! they are so cheering.

    that dark hare with the moths on...that one spoke to me. rang a little bell in my heart!

  4. oh my, those postcards make my heart ache with their beauty. I will have to save up to buy myself some, they're just truly enchanting. <3

  5. I love the hare with the moths. We seem to have a shortage of moths this year, in past years they have been frequent visitors to our garden from the woods behind us, this year hardly any.


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