Monday, June 11, 2018

Midsummer Spell

I couldn't sleep so worked until the birds began to sing and the soft pink, apricot and grey hues of the misty morning looked like a dream on a page in a book, that I could walk into.
Midsummer is approaching fast. The grass around our little bonfire area has been cut and is ready for a fire on midsummers eve. How fast the year is going. I love these long days when I can stay out in the garden pottering, and planting until 10pm. If only I had a spell that could stop time on the longest day just to get all the things done that needed to be done. My list is ever growing...

Speaking of spells, my painting 'Midsummer Spell' is currently for sale at the 'Inverarity gallery'
It's part of an exhibition titled 'Magic and Medicine'
The painting is acrylic on wood with gold leaf and is mounted in a vintage wooden hand painted black frame, with bee decoration. 
Do go and take a peep. :)

Bees feature in another painting that I quite recently finished 'Invisible Paths' 
These paintings are both available as cards in my shop in a pack of four mixed or packs of two of the same. 
I've also made this older painting 'Between Two Trees' into a card for the spring/summer season.
I have some hares that are almost done now, so not long until a long overdue shop update!...
Other than that, my days have been pretty much filled with flowers, occasional charity shop book browsing and wildlife watching.

What are you filling your summer days with?


  1. Hello there Karen - yes even as I was going to bed this morning at 2.45am the eastern sky had a lovely electric blue/seagreen glow to it yet could still see the stars - FAB time of the day - then as I was drifting off so the robin, then the wren and then the blackbird started their early morning trills - we are hopefully moving up to Shropshire soon and to more wide open skies and woodland, so although I will miss my singing birds here am equally looking forward to discovering what new birds will serenade us when we get there.

  2. So much enchanting beauty <3

  3. how lovely---your art, and your surroundings!

    our summer days are filled with avoiding mosquitos and ticks, and heatstroke, lol. with shopping happily at farmer's markets for produce (the very best part of summer, for me!), and also with making preserves occasionally...

  4. I can't decide which of those paintings I love the best. They are magificent!


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