Friday, April 3, 2015

A golden egg and a mossy garden

I have an egg.
No it isn't a chocolate one. I have to say I'm not really a massive lover of chocolate which ok, probably makes me a little weird? This egg is golden dusted and smells sweetly, did you guess, it's the Lush Easter bath bomb! I am saving it to toss into my bath on Sunday evening.

It's been a quiet Good Friday here. Light rain has fell on and off throughout the day, so I decided to get out into the greenhouse and have a bit of a Spring clean. Plants have been repotted, seeds sown, a general tidy up has taken place and even the green house glass got a little wash too. Not too clean though as I wouldn't want my beautiful feathered friends to not be able to see the glass.  I cleaned the gutters so that the rain could trickle easily into the water butt. Moss had decided that it was the right place to grow between some of the panes. I love moss and after clearing it decided it was just too pretty to put onto the compost heap so instead made a miniature garden, to enjoy for a short while. :)
All of this moss was collected from the glass on the greenhouse, even the strange long variety which I'm thinking could be a lichen, I'm not sure as I haven't looked it up.
Then I added some flowers for Easter decoration.
My summer work space also got a Spring clean the other day. The oil cloth was scrubbed so hard that it looks almost new again now.
Once everything was clean I brought some flowers and pussy willow in, to decorate.
Most of my time lately has been spent on beginnings of wooden hangers.  I've spent time in the shed cutting out and in the sketch book playing around with some new designs.

 I have still more to cut out and anticipate a busy April. Hangers should be ready in May. I will add a definite date nearer the time for any one that is interested.
Enjoy your Easter weekend.  <3


  1. Lovely post and pictures..yes would love to hear about the hangers.
    Easter blessings to you and yours.
    Maura Xx

  2. I love your moss arrangement and think I am inspired to do the same tomorrow.
    Easter blessings ~~~

  3. Have you read The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert? You'll never look at moss the same way again! I love the little primrose flowers you added. Happy Easter.

  4. Lovely spaces. There is something about the colours of powder blue and yellow that sum up this time of year. Just the word Pussy Willow brings a breath of spring.

  5. Your little moss garden is lovely! I like to pot up daffodils and place moss on top for them to pop up and out of in the spring. Makes for a very cheerful centerpiece :)

  6. What a lovely post, love the moss garden and your hangers are great.
    Happy Easter to you !

  7. Happy Easter to you too Karen. I had a studio clear out and clean up. Your hare is still hanging above my desk and sends his regards. x

  8. The yellow flowers are so,pretty, lovely artwork as ever


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