Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December already.

A sky with a glimpse of winter the other morning, the last few days of November. Hedge, grass and fading summer stems sparkled in a crisp icy air. It was a sharp frost. While the kettle boiled and before my breakfast, I was outside capturing a little before the sun became warm enough to make it dissolve.
My little friend was about, as he has been each day and was glad of a top up to the bird table and a few treats.
This last picture is quite amusing as he looks as if he is leaping off my hand.
Some leaves are still holding on, but a temperature drop always brings the last few to the ground.
After all the wooden bits and pieces (see last blog post) were all listed in my shop I went back to a painting that I'd been working on alongside the hangers. It's basically like a hanger but a painting instead. Just something I thought would be nice to do. There are plans to do a few more, a white one and a starlight one I think? And maybe one with a moon? This one I have named 'Spirit within'

This is available in my shop here as a print. I thought it may interest anyone that were disappointed that they didn't grab a hare in time when I put them for sale. I know it isn't a three dimensional hanger, but is quite similar?
I've also been painting some smaller pieces.  They are ACEO sized  (3.5 inches x 2.5 inches) and I have some lovely cream mounts/matts to pop them into before they also head over to the shop.
     'He gave sparkle to the stars'
'The path ahead'
'What they found'
And lastly 'The stars watched over him'
I can't believe it's already December!  For those of you that have been following here for the past few years, you must know what that means... the falling snow widget!
Off to look for it now. :) x  


  1. I love reading your blog so look forward to it. Your feathered friends is gorgeous and your work stunning thankyou for sharing ;)

  2. I love the falling snow widget...super post as always
    Maura xx

  3. ...and my favs on your player x

  4. I absolutely love your new work Karen! Each little painting infused with the magic of winter! Such lucky new owners of these treasures. Jess xx

  5. Your post is like a story telling! About Winter's first signs and how they interfere into Autumn's last paintings - mild and pale...
    I like your new series, Karen - they are glimmering and magical!
    And, oh, your sweet birdie - friend - what an experience!! Is he still around?
    Have a wonderful December!!

  6. Amazingly beautiful.
    The pictures, the art work ,
    the music all magical ~
    then again I would expect nothing less here .
    Lovely !

  7. Everything is snow sparkle winter special.


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