Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Etsy shop update

Well November has whirled and spun her Autumn cloak in a frantic frenzy this month and I have been left behind.  I'm sure the clock hands whizz around when I'm not looking... I've been very busy here finishing off a batch of work that will be listed in my shop this Friday. (21st November at 7pm uk time) All are wooden hangers, mainly hares.  I have shared them on Facebook, but incase you don't have Facebook, or may have missed it there, here they are.  Twenty four hangers, so quite a few pictures...
Rather a lot to digest in one sitting. ;) 
I shall be back sooner rather than later.  Enjoy these misty days. x


  1. Your work is beautiful - hares are one of my favourite animals and I will be pinning some of these to my hares pinterest board.

  2. They are all stunning.. I don't think I could pick a favourite, I love them all :o) x

  3. These are just so beautiful. They actually brought a tear to my eye. (seriously!) I don't know why, but your work affects me deeply. Blessings

  4. These are just beautiful - I love the bears x

  5. These are so beautiful! Especially the hares. I didnt see any of these in your etsy shop. Where can I purchase one?


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