Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A mild start to November

I saw a wasp and a butterfly on Monday and there is a pink rose blooming in the garden. Hard to believe it is November now. But it is and the apples have all blown from the two trees. So far I have made chutney, apple pie and fresh juice but there are still two bucketfuls in the kitchen to use up.
I have had to put my little heater on a few times in my workroom, but so far the weather has been kind and it's wonderful to be outside watching the twilight fall early and the Autumn light play tricks with the shadows and reflections.
 I captured these shadows in the greenhouse, they remind me of old photographs.
There is no sign of frost yet and the lavender still has flower.
But the leaves are falling...
from the great giants, in the field behind the willow herb.
and the holly is reminding everyone what time of year it is.

I've been busy making things to restock my Etsy shop. New items will be added tonight at 9.30pm (uk time)
I won't show everything, but here are a few items that will be making their way there.
 So who had a sparkler last night then?  The best firework, pretty, but no noise.
 I did.  ;)

That November night, looking up into the sky, 
You said, 

"Hey, wish that was me up there-- 
It's the biggest rocket I could find, 
And it's holding the night in its arms 
If only for a moment. 
I can't see the look in its eyes, 
But I'm sure it must be laughing." 

But it seemed to me the saddest thing I'd ever seen, 
And I thought you were crazy, wishing such a thing. 

I saw only a stick on fire, 
Alone on its journey 
Home to the quickening ground, 
With no one there to catch it. 

I put on my pointed hat 
And my black and silver suit, 
And I check my gunpowder pack 
And I strap the stick on my back. 
And, dressed as a rocket on Waterloo Bridge-- 
Nobody seems to see me. 
Then, with the fuse in my hand, 
And now shooting into the night 
And still as a rocket, 
I land in the river. 

Was it me said you were crazy? 
I put on my cloudiest suit, 
Size 5 lightning boots, too. 

'Cause I am a rocket 
On fire. 
Look at me go, with my tail on fire, 
With my tail on fire, 
On fire. 
Hey, look at me go, look at me...

Kate Bush ~Rockets tail 


  1. Lovely posting Karen: It has been a kinder start to the year, although we have had the stove burning rather than heat the house. The new pendants and hangers are lovely, I can feel a wish list coming on.

  2. Mind that giant doesn't tread on your feet. (The poem needs several reads and lots of thought.)

  3. Your new hangings are gorgeous, I especially like the disc shaped ones with the quotes on the back, really lovely. I like the Kate Bush lyrics too!. :)
    Jess xx

  4. Lovely shadow pictures and beautiful new work, I like owls. Kate Bush lyrics make you pause for thought. Betty

  5. I love your work dearly, Karen! And I share your feelings about November. I have spotted plenty of butterflies in the vineyards recently and the weather is, mostly, clement so it's good to be outside although my work beckons me indoors;


  6. Its hard to tear yourself away from your blog, its such a wonderful world here.
    The music, work and magnificent nature

  7. What a beautiful collection of new work...I'm thankful to have gotten one of the hares, and it's so lovely to see a picture of the holly that was an inspiration for it! :)

  8. Dear, Karen, as always a hauntingly beautiful post of all that is present as we step into November...I have popped over to your beautiful etsy, with thoughts in mind....Thank you for your kindest words of encouragement for my Olivia! ~ I wish much the same for your boy too! ~ In fact I have popped in my wish box....Hugs and Twinkles from my small corner to yours ****** Maria x


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