Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All made of Stars

Not so long ago, you may remember I drew a sketch, of this half animal, half human. I played around with it digitally and promised I would return to it. So now I have. This is a painting on wood.
                                                                  'All made of stars'
I also returned to other sketches done at the same time.
I often write words down, in a little notebook I keep. Random words that sometimes pop into my head and  sentences that inspire a picture, especially like to creep into my head in the dark hours past midnight when I should be in bed asleep,  instead I  find these are the hours where most of my ideas for work appear.
Words from my notebook....
                                                  Most can see, but many are blind
                                                  Many can hear, but most are deaf
                                            "Remember to open your eyes" said the fox

                                                   'Remember to open your eyes, said the fox'
Or...  'From the light we all came' ?  I'm not decided on the title of this piece yet?........
 I will be making prints of these very soon. First I will have to get them scanned in town though, as my scanner is broken and I haven't got around to buying another yet. (another job on the 'to do' list) Hopefully I should get them done by next week.
In the garden already nature is making preparations for next years fruit. The catkins are decorating the hazel tree.

There are still leaves that are not ready to fall. After all they were late arriving this year. 
 And only 25 days, until the days begin to get lighter again.
I will leave you with a song that I had on repeat whilst painting these pictures.  Beautiful video too.


  1. I love the second picture "from the light we all came" suits it well.Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Those images are just so dreamy!

  3. I to love the "from light we all came"

  4. Thanks ladies. :) I also prefer the last title now, so I think will have to go with that one. x

  5. such beautiful paintings Karen!

  6. I LOVE your paintings they are so sensitive, dreamy and perfect!!!

  7. I love this Coldplay music and have added it to my Spotify. It is just what I need, thanks for posting.


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