Thursday, August 29, 2013

The End Of A Summer.

As summer draws to a close and the song of Autumn begins I sit in the quiet times past midnight and wonder about what I have seen on these warm days and cricket chirping. bat swooping moonlit nights.
Mackerel moon lighted skies and shooting stars during the perseoid meteor showers a couple of weeks back.  Moths found alive and dead. Whenever moths pitch on the window or I sadly find them dead as the one in the top left picture, I always imagine they are Princes.  Tiny Princes wearing tiny cloaks. I must paint one soon!
 Butterflies and yet more butterflies and green green grasshoppers.
Inspired by butterflies I painted these on a hanger that I was working on.
 Then a couple of days later I was paid a visit by this beautiful little creature. Synchronicity? :)
I've been working on a large batch of wooden hangers that will arrive at my Etsy shop in September sometime.. Various creatures, this is one of them. A crow with the universe in his wings.
I liked this concept, so I also used it for my donation piece to the 'twitter art exhibit' exhibition. Postcard sized original pieces, by artists on twitter. They all sell for a certain price and all proceeds are donated to charity.
The other day I popped out in my lunch hour again and visited the latest photographic exhibition in the local museum which is such a beautiful old building.
 I really liked the pictures by Deborah Parkin.

Especially this one, very wonderland-ish (although they all were) and it  reminded me of a project that I did myself when I was at College many years ago.
Although the mask that I made was a fox, rather than a rabbit. :)  Remind me to show you the pictures one of these days.
I love this time of year when the birds begin to sing the song of September and the thistle down  blows on the wind. 
And the gentle sunsets remind birds that it will be time to move on soon.
I shall leave you now with sadness in my heart.  The badger cull is taking place now as you go about what you do wherever you are. As the moths tap on my window unknowingly and I type this. Please sign this if you haven't already.....and if you live outside of the uk you can sign this. Every signature counts even at this late stage.

I will be closing my Etsy shop for a short spell as of Friday evening but will be back in September.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this, that is just simply adorable.    


  1. the most wonderful film and a beautiful post

  2. I too have been noticing signs of autumn and have already started a little post on my own blog. It's really early this year. Love the crow hanger and I'm looking forward to seeing your new ones in September. I've also signed the petition about the badger cull - it's an appalling thing to do.

  3. I love Laura Veirs - she is a real word-and-tunesmith. The video is wonderful!
    I can feel the autumn coming in the early mornings and late evenings now - something about the smell and feel of the air has changed and I'm excited about it as I am every year!

  4. ~ Dear Karen...I always see magic here when I come visit you! LOVE the video and haunting music so very I would love a beautiful Bambi to come for breakfast!! Karen I have just told my oldest moggy that she has 'night moths' for her ears' they are grey and faded, yet beautiful and remind me so much of your wonderful ones on here hehe...Doesn't nature take your breath away my friend....hugs and summer kisses **** Maria x

    1. OOps forgot to say I signed the Badger cull petition too! So very sad...I wonder who next for us to make the decision of culling! Its so unfair!

  5. A very lovely post. Lots of moths around this year, I think more than usual, love that you think they are princes. Also signed the badger cull petition, so sad that they are being persecuted, they are such beautiful animals. :) Ruth

  6. I can't believe the badger cull has gone ahead. It has to stop and I think it will soon. It has to.
    I love your dark blue bird,flying against the midnight sky. I wish I could buy all your hangings! ;) xx

  7. love the crow/universe image!

    I've been thinking about those poor creatures for the last few days. Could NOT bring myself to listen to the clip of them screaming that was circulating, but I did sign the international petition. It soo irks me that we introduce creatures that mess up the balance, or kill their predators so then we need to kill them to keep the population down. So cruel. Anyway, I do hope it is halted.

  8. I have a fascination with moths, too. I love the idea of them as little princes :)

  9. Lovely new pieces of art, especially your crow. I am saddened by the badger cull too and wish there could be a solution such as a cattle vaccination plan that would prevent this ever happening again, it seems so wrong to cull a creature that we value so much and that are in decline. Betty

  10. ...biggest hugs dear gentle kindred heart...

  11. Wonderful pictures !!! I love the crow hanger, so beautiful !!
    Have a magical day.

  12. I love the image of the little girl looking out to sea and I love the reflection of your hand. It's as if you're reaching out and remembering yourself as a child.

  13. All will be well. The badgers have many, many friends. And this autumn is going to be a feast. The first after two terrible years, where summer seemed to have forgotten us. All will be well. I just know it will. xxx

  14. All the pictures are fabulous. I love all the pictures!
    Good job!
    plastic planters

  15. Beautiful.Autumn is coming to the highlands of scotland too.Crisper air. I love the deer video would love to share it.

  16. Such a lovely post )0(

  17. A friendly reminder: Would love to see the fox mask you did while at College!


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